Film Studies - FILMB13573

Stream Summary

Faculty: ARTSC - Faculty of Arts&Social Science

School: School of the Arts and Media


Program: 3573 - Commerce / Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Major)

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Stream Outline


The Film Studies major stream will provide you with the critical, conceptual and practical skills to analyse, interpret and work with the most popular art form of the 20th and 21st centuries. Film Studies courses include historical, theoretical, and cross-cultural studies of film as well as practical courses in video production and screenwriting. Our Film Studies major stream provides you with a comprehensive study of the discipline, while also fostering an understanding of the intersections between popular entertainment, politics and aesthetics. Film Studies contributes to and has its origins in a range of disciplinary fields in the Humanities, including Philosophy and Critical Theory, Aesthetics, Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Sociology and Gender Studies. For this reason Film Studies is a discipline that enables you to explore a range of debates in the Humanities as they inform—and are informed by—the film and media landscape and its impact on contemporary life. Our courses enable you to study film and related media forms in their historical, cultural, and technological contexts and provide you with an international perspective on the place and history of film in the global media landscape.

Stream Learning Outcomes

You should achieve the following learning outcomes upon the successful completion of the stream:
  • Describe the history of film as a creative enterprise and cultural institution that responds to local, regional, national and global contexts
  • Identify and explain the aesthetic, technical and cultural dimensions of film and the changing interpretive frameworks of the discipline of film studies
  • Interpret the role of film in a broader media landscape

Stream Structure

If you wish to gain a major stream in Film Studies you must complete 60 units of credit including 12 UOC of core courses at Level 1, at least 18 UOC at Level 2 including the core course and at least 18 UOC at Level 3.

Level 1

You must complete the following Level 1 core courses:

Level 2

You must complete the following Level 2 core course:
And at least 12 UOC from the following:
The following course from another subject area can also be counted towards the Film Studies major stream:

Level 3

You must complete at least 18 UOC from the following:
Film Studies

Study Levels

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