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Stream Summary

Faculty: COMM - UNSW Business School

School: School of Accounting

Contact:  UNSW Business School Student Centre

Program: 3573 - Commerce / Arts


Bachelor of Commerce (Major)

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Stream Outline

Accounting is concerned with the provision of information for the management of economic resources by means of measurement, communication and interpretation of financial data; with the development of information systems; and with the financial accountability and governance of enterprises. By economic resources, we mean both tangible and intangible resources. Accounting information is increasingly used to manage intangible resources such as an organisations knowledge base, its supplier/customer relationships, its brands etc.

Accounting concepts lie at the heart of economic exchange, whether conducted in physical or electronic markets. It enables students to comprehend many of the fundamental principles, processes and outcomes of business, thereby equipping students for a wide range of career (such as chartered accounting, management consulting, and provision of financial services to general management). Students of Accounting end up not just as accountants but also as entrepreneurs, entertainment promoters, treasurers, chief financial officers, etc.

Stream Structure

  • A major in Accounting consists of 48 UOC (8 courses). Five (5) of these courses are specified; the other three (3) are electives that are chosen from the Elective Courses list below. This is regardless of whether you are doing a single major or taking Accounting as a second major
  • A minor in Accounting consists of 30 UOC (5 courses) containing at least 18 UOC at level 2 or 3 with a ACCT course code. The minor does not form part of the nominated major.

Compulsory courses

Elective courses
Choose 3 courses from this list, with at least 2 of them being at Level 3 (i.e. ACCT3XXX)
*Students majoring in both Accounting and Finance may count FINS3626 Int'l Corporate Governance towards the Accounting AND the Finance Major.

^Students may count ONE of COMM2222, COMM3020 or COMM3030 towards their Accounting major.

Note: Students planning on studying Honours in Accounting should complete ACCT2507 Introduction to Accounting Research.


Honours level study is available in Accounting.

Students interested in studying at Honours Level should refer to the relevant Honours plan record for entry requirements. High achieving students may undertake honours in the area of their business major by enrolling in 4501 BCom(Hons) program.

Professional Recognition

CPA Australia
Associate membership of CPA Australia may be obtained with a UNSW undergraduate degree that incorporates a major in Accounting and completion of the other accredited courses to satisfy its core knowledge requirements. A list of the required courses can be accessed through or the Professional Recognition of Programs for Undergraduate Students in the Online Handbook.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (formerly the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia)
Graduates who have completed an undergraduate degree with a major in accounting are eligible under the Institute's admission requirements to enter the ‘Chartered Accountants Program’ leading to membership, provided they have completed accredited courses in the core knowledge areas. Students may confirm academic entry requirements for the ‘Chartered Accountants Program’ with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand at

If you are unable to fit these courses in as part of your degree requirements, you may wish to enrol in additional classes as non-award.

Institute of Public Accountants (formerly the National Institute of Accountants)
The Institute of Public Accountants has approved UNSW for the purpose of its membership qualifications. Further information is available from Professional Recognition of Programs for Undergraduate Students in the Online Handbook.

Further information

Please note that these requirements may be subject to change.
Students are advised to follow requirements according to the year they commenced. Please refer to previous editions of the Online Handbook for your program requirements.

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