Sociology and Anthropology - SOCAD13937

Stream Summary

Faculty: ARTSC - Faculty of Arts&Social Science

School: School of Social Sciences

Contact: School of Social Sciences

Program: 3937 - Science/Social Rsch & Policy


Bachelor of Social Research and Policy (Major)

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Stream Outline


Sociology and Anthropology will appeal to you if you are interested in the social and cultural relations through which we live. A major in Sociology and Anthropology will give you a broad and deep appreciation of the disciplines, it will support you in developing your own interests in particular facets of social life, and it will prepare you for employment as a social researcher. Along the way, it will change the way you see the world and allow you to examine the way you live.

Stream Learning Outcomes

You should achieve the following learning outcomes upon the successful completion of the stream:
  • Identify a range of concepts and theoretical approaches within and between sociology and anthropology
  • Explain the significance of appropriate research strategies and methods in the construction of sociological and anthropological knowledge
  • Recognise the particularity of different times, places, cultures and people, and the connectedness of all forms of life

Stream Structure

If you wish to gain a major stream in Sociology and Anthropology you must complete 60 units of credit including 12 UOC of core courses at Level 1, at least 18 UOC at Level 2 including the 6 UOC Level 2 core course and at least 18 UOC at Level 3.

Level 1

You must complete the following Level 1 core courses:

Level 2

You must complete the following Level 2 core course:
And at least 12 UOC from the following:

Level 3

You must complete 6 UOC from the following:
And at least 12 UOC from the following:

Note to students in the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts:

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts will complete ARTS1871 Cultural Experience (6 UOC) as part of their Social Work core requirement. Students who choose a major or minor in Sociology and Anthropology must complete an additional 6 UOC UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Prescribed Elective.

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