Physics - PHYSL14076

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Faculty: SCI - Faculty of Science

School: School of Physics


Program: 4076 - Science/Education (Secondary)


Bachelor of Science (Major)

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Stream Outline

Physics is the study of the laws of nature that govern the behaviour of the universe, from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the universe itself. It applies these laws to the solution of practical and theoretical problems and to the development of new technologies.

Stream Structure

A major in Physics is comprised of 78 units of credit of courses as follows:

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
PLUS 12 UOC from:
Students who are completing a double major in Mathematics and Physics should substitute MATH2011 or MATH2111 (Higher) Several Variable Calculus and MATH2521 or MATH2621 (Higher) Complex Analysis for MATH2069 Mathematics 2A; and MATH2301 Mathematical Computing and MATH2801 or MATH2901 (Higher) Theory of Statistics for MATH2089 Numerical Methods and Statistics.

Students who wish to take honours in Physics must take PHYS3114 Electrodynamics as one of their Physics electives.

Recommended science electives: (these are not compulsory but may complement a major in Physics) include PHYS1160 Introduction to Astronomy; CLIM2001 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science; and BABS6741 Astrobiology: Life in the Universe.


For further information on Honours in Physics, please see the Physics Honours entry in this Handbook
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