Marine Science - MSCIM13970

Stream Summary

Faculty: SCI - Faculty of Science

School: School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences


Program: 3970 - Science


Bachelor of Science (Major)

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Stream Outline

Marine Science looks at all aspects of the marine environment, encompassing many sciences from biology to geology. Within the School of BEES, Marine Science can be studied with an emphasis on biology, earth sciences or oceanography. Marine Biologists look at life on the shore and in the oceans and estuaries, whereas Marine Geologists study the structure and topography of the ocean floor, ocean sedimentation and marine resources.

Stream Structure

A major in Marine Science is comprised of 78 units of credit of courses as follows:

Stage 1
Recommended electives (these courses are not required but are recommended as good complementary courses for this major):

Stage 2
Recommended elective (this course is not required but is recommended as a good complementary course for this major):

Stage 3
PLUS 12 UOC from:


  1. BIOS3081 can be substituted with BIOS3681 if students' WAM is sufficient and / or there is space in BIOS3681
  2. BIOS6671 can be substituted with BIOS3671 if students' WAM is sufficient and / or there is space in BIOS3671.
  3. The School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences maintains enrolment guides for sub-disciplines of Marine Science: these are available from the BSB Office (G27 BioScience Building)


For information about Honours in Marine Science see the Marine Science Honours plan or contact the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES).

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