Media, Culture and Technology - MECTC23947

Stream Summary

Faculty: ARTSC - Faculty of Arts&Social Science

School: School of the Arts and Media


Program: 3947 - Science / Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Minor)

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Stream Outline


The aim of this minor stream is to provide you with a progressive, interdisciplinary understanding of the social, cultural and experiential impacts of media and communication technologies in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The minor stream starts with an accessible introduction to ways of thinking about the emergence and consequences of our contemporary media landscape. You will then be introduced to the present reality of complex global media, information and communication systems and networks that people access through a variety of increasingly digital technologies.

In terms of learning skills, the minor stream develops conceptual frameworks and modes of analysis through which you can understand and explain not only changes in the media, but also reasons for those changes and their social and affective consequences.

Stream Learning Outcomes

You should achieve the following learning outcomes upon the successful completion of the stream:
  • Identify key concepts in Media theory
  • Identify the social, political and cultural dynamics of media and the impact that they have on everyday life and experience
  • Recognise the networked nature of media and the complexity of the relationships between local and global media

Stream Structure

If you wish to gain a minor stream in Media, Culture and Technology you must complete 24 units of credit including 12 UOC at Level 1 including the core course, 6 UOC at Level 2 and 6 UOC at Level 3.

Level 1

You must complete the following Level 1 core course:
And 6 UOC from the following:

Level 2

You must complete 6 UOC from the following:

Level 3

You must complete 6 UOC from the following:

Study Levels

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