Statistics - MATHK13593

Stream Summary

Faculty: SCI - Faculty of Science

School: School of Mathematics and Statistics


Program: 3593 - Commerce/Adv Science (Hons)


Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) (Major)

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Stream Outline

The major in Statistics has been designed to ensure that graduates are well trained in three key areas: probability and stochastic processes, statistical inference and modelling, and modern statistical computing methods. Third year electives allow students to further develop their statistical capabilities according to their own interests. Computing has become firmly entrenched in modern Statistics and our courses take full advantage of our excellent computing facilities. This will only enhance the portfolio of skills that students bring to their career.

Stream Structure

A major in Statistics is comprised of 60 UOC of courses as follows:

Stage 1:
Students are also recommended to take MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics (6UOC)

Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Plus ONE of the following courses:

Many courses in Mathematics are offered at two levels. The higher level courses cater for students with greater mathematical ability and/or a higher level of prior knowledge. Students in Advanced Science are required to enrol in the higher level courses where offered.


For information regarding Honours in Statistics, please see the Statistics Honours plan, and consult with staff from the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

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