Mathematics - MATHC23472

Stream Summary

Faculty: SCI - Faculty of Science

School: School of Mathematics and Statistics


Program: 3472 - Music(Hons)/Adv Science(Hons)


Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) (Minor)

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Stream Outline

The UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics offers a complete range of courses in Mathematics and Statistics at all levels. The School is also a leading centre for mathematical research at both the national and the international level; our expertise ranges across wide areas of Mathematics, including Financial Mathematics, Biomedical Mathematics, and Environmental Mathematics.

Stream Structure

A minor in Mathematics is comprised of 36 UOC of courses as follows:

Stage 1
Stage 2 / Stage 3

24 units of credit of level 2 or higher non-statistics mathematics courses, which must include at least 6 UOC at level 3 or higher.

  1. Non stats courses are those MATH courses whose second digit is neither 8 nor 9.
  2. The majority of level 3 Mathematics courses require 6-12 UOC of level 2 Mathematics courses as prerequisites. Students should be aware of these prerequisite requirements as listed in the Handbook and plan their enrolment accordingly.
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