Linguistics - LINGC23955

Stream Summary

Faculty: ARTSC - Faculty of Arts&Social Science

School: School of Humanities and Languages


Program: 3955 - Environmental Management/Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Minor)

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Stream Outline


Linguistics is the study of human language. The minor stream in Linguistics provides you the opportunity to develop an understanding of a variety of questions such as: How do people use language in various situations? What is the biological basis for language? Is language unique to the human species? How and why do languages change? How do children learn language? What is the meaning of ‘meaning’? Can machines talk? How does language relate to other modes of communication? Linguistics also provides the basis for a variety of practical applications including, at UNSW, the teaching and learning of foreign languages, translating and interpreting, facilitating cross-cultural communication, developing language curricula in schools, and improving literacy skills.

Stream Learning Outcomes

You should achieve the following learning outcomes upon the successful completion of the stream:
  • Identify linguistic theories and core analytical approaches relevant to the study of living languages
  • Recognise the place of language and linguistic theory in the interdisciplinary study of communication, cognition, society and/or culture
  • Identify diverse approaches to the scientific study of language through the critical evaluation of the relationship between linguistic data and linguistic theory

Stream Structure

If you wish to gain a minor stream in Linguistics you must complete 24 units of credit including 12 UOC at Level 1, at least 6 UOC at Level 2 and optionally, up to 6 UOC at Level 3. If you complete 12 UOC at Level 1 and 12 UOC at level 2 you will have completed the minor.

Level 1

You must complete the following Level 1 core courses:

Level 2

You must complete at least 6 UOC from the following:

Level 3

You may complete up to 6 UOC from the following:

Study Levels

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