Computational Biology - BINFBH4515

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Faculty: ENG - Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Computer Science and Engineering


Program: 4515 - Comp Sci & Eng (Honours)


Bachelor of Science (Honours)

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Stream Outline

Computational Biology is the science of using biological data to develop algorithms and relations among various biological systems. The field draws on a range of computing disciplines including algorithms, databases, machine learning and big data for the purpose of developing methods to better analyse data from biology, and especially genomics. Honours in Computational Biology allows graduates from the BSc (Bioinformatics) to deepen their study of computer science and computational methods and apply these to a bioinformatics research project in the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

Stream Structure

Students must take 18 UOC of the following courses:
Students must take 30 UOC of the following courses:
  • any level 4 Computer Science (COMP) course
  • any level 4 Bioinformatics (BINF) course
  • any level 6 Computer Science (COMP) course
  • any level 9 Computer Science (COMP) course
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