Indigenous Studies - ATSIC23955

Stream Summary

Faculty: BOS - DVC (E) Board of Studies

School: Nura Gili


Program: 3955 - Environmental Management/Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Minor)

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Stream Outline


The Indigenous Studies Minor will build your foundational knowledge to understand the field of Indigenous Studies. In your first year you will study the level one course offerings (i.e. ATSI1011 Indigenous Australia and ATSI2012 Aboriginal Sydney). This introductory approach is critical to developing your interest while preparing you for the inevitable contests in a complex field of study. The grounds of deeper contests arising from colonial ruptures are not engaged until levels two & three. Here you will engage with content in more depth, and at the level of theory. The structure of the Indigenous Studies Minor provides you with an opportunity to further study 1 x level two course, and 1 x level three course within the suite of Indigenous studies course offerings. The Indigenous Studies Minor is available as a complementary to another area of specialisation.

If you are interested in developing depth knowledge across a range of issues in Indigenous studies, then you should consider studying the Indigenous Studies Major.

Stream Structure

If you wish to gain a Minor Stream in Indigenous Studies, you must complete 24 UOC from ATSI coded courses.

Level 1 Core Courses:

Students must take 12 UOC of the following courses.
Level 2 Prescribed Electives:

Students must take 6 UOC of the following courses.
Level 3 Prescribed Electives:

Students must take 6 UOC of the following courses.
Level 2 Maturity Requirement:

Students must have completed 30 UOC before taking any of the following courses.
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