Advanced Chinese Studies (Ext) - CHIND23987

Stream Summary

Faculty: ARTSC - Faculty of Arts&Social Science

School: School of Humanities and Languages


Program: 3987 - Science (International)


Bachelor of Science (International) (Minor)

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Stream Outline


Chinese is a fascinating modern language with a rich cultural heritage and an increasingly important medium in global business and communication. The minor stream in Chinese Studies (Extended) focuses exclusively on language study if you start at the introductory level. It allows you to study language or disciplinary courses if you start at the intermediate level. Language study involves a wide range of knowledge and understanding of socio-cultural conventions as well as skills in self-expression, both oral and written, and skills in comprehending others’ expression, both oral and written. Disciplinary study introduces you to aspects of the cultures and societies associated with the Chinese language.

This stream is available to students commencing at Advanced and Professional entry levels.

Placement Information

The School of Humanities and Languages offers a flexible program for students with different interests and different Chinese language backgrounds. You can enter Chinese language courses at different levels, depending on their knowledge of Chinese characters. Within each year, you are allocated to different groups, depending on your speaking ability.

If you have prior language knowledge you will need to take an online placement evaluation so that we can assess your skills and select an appropriate level of course for you. Information about the evaluation and additional course details can be found on the web at:

You will not be permitted to enrol in language courses that are too easy for you in terms of Chinese character knowledge. If this occurs, you will be requested to change your enrolment.

If you are admitted in your first year of study to ARTS2450 or higher on the grounds of your ability and/or previous study, such courses will be counted as Level 1 courses in terms of your degree requirements.

Stream Structure

If you wish to gain an extended minor stream in Advanced Chinese Studies you must complete 36 units of credit in approved courses.

Note: If you have achieved a higher level of study in a language course, you are not permitted to study a lower level language course.

Advanced Level

Level 1

You must complete the following Level 1 core courses:

Level 2 and 3

You must complete the following Level 2 core courses:
And 12 UOC from the following:
  • Chinese Contextual Studies Courses (taught in English)
  • Chinese Professional Studies Courses (taught in Chinese)

Professional Level

Level 1

You must complete the following Level 1 core courses:

Level 2 and 3

You must complete 24 UOC of Chinese Contextual Studies courses (taught in English) and Professional Studies courses (taught in Chinese). No more than 12 UOC can be from Chinese Contextual Studies courses.

Chinese Contextual Studies Courses

The following courses from other subject areas can also be counted towards the Chinese Studies extended minor stream:

Chinese Professional Studies Courses