Mathematics for Engineers - MATHB23403

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Faculty: SCI - Faculty of Science

School: School of Mathematics and Statistics


Program: 3403 - Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Minor)

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Stream Outline

The discipline of mathematics at UNSW is divided into several areas of study: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Pure Mathematics is the study of the essential structures of mathematics. Work by pure mathematicians underpins most of the technological advances of this century. Pure Mathematics is concerned with problems and techniques which transcend specific applications. Research, focusing on the development of existing theories or the creation of new ones, may be driven by applications or by the internal demands of the discipline. Pure Mathematics courses provide the insights and understanding required by those using mathematics, leading to mastery of the fundamental processes of mathematical science and the capacity for innovative applications in any area.

Applied Mathematics concerns the development of mathematics and models for understanding scientific phenomena, for the solution of technical and industrial problems, and for use in the social, economic and management sciences. Courses are designed to provide basic mathematical and computational skills needed for a wide range of applications, to develop the capability to construct, analyse and interpret mathematical models, and to encourage enthusiasm for the role of the mathematician in a variety of contexts.

Statistics is the science and art of using factual material for modelling and inference. Its mathematical foundations are in the theory of probability and it deals with how to estimate and make decisions using knowledge which is uncertain or observational material which is subject to error. There is a rich interplay of ideas between the theory of statistics and fields such as engineering, medicine and biological and behavioural sciences where statistical problems constantly arise.

This stream is for a minor in Mathematics for Engineers as part of the 3403 Bachelor of Arts program when combined with a Bachelor of Engineering. Only students enrolled concurrently in both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering program may take this minor.

Stream Structure

To receive a minor in Mathematics for Engineers, students must complete 36 units of credit of MATH courses, with at least 12 units of credit at level 2, and at least 6 units of credit at level 3. For the purpose of this minor CVEN2002 and CVEN2702 will count as level 2 Mathematics courses.

Up to 24 units of credit of MATH courses for this minor will be included in the core Engineering program. For example, students undertaking 3710 Aerospace Engineering, 3040 Chemical Engineering, or 3710 Mechanical Engineering complete MATH1131 Mathematics 1A, MATH1231 Mathematics 1B, MATH2019 Engineering Mathematics 2E, and MATH2089 Numerical Methods and Statistics as part of their core Engineering program. Students will then need to take an additional 12 units of credit of level 2 and 3 MATH courses (with a minimum of 6 units of credit of level 3 MATH) to be eligible for the Mathematics for Engineers minor.
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