Music Studies - MUSCAH3403

Stream Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Arts&Social Science

School: School of the Arts and Media


Program: 3403 - Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Information valid for students commencing 2013.
Students who commenced prior to 2013 should go to the Handbook's Previous Editions

Stream Outline

The Honours program in Music requires the completion of 48 uoc (the equivalent of one year full-time study or two years part-time study). Combined Honours may be undertaken with another major stream or a minor stream.

The Honours program involves seminars and the completion of a research project or thesis. It consists of 18 uoc of coursework and 30 uoc of thesis/practical project. The 18 uoc of coursework includes one List A (Faculty) coursework (6 uoc) and one List B (Area of Study) course (12 uoc).

Stream Structure

List A Courses (6 uoc)

List B Course (12 uoc)

Honours Thesis/Practical Project (30 uoc)

Sample Program

Full-time Honours (1 year)

Semester 1
  • List A course (6 UOC)

Semester 2

Part-time Honours (2 years)

Year 1 Semester 1

Year 1 Semester 2

Year 2 Semester 1
  • List A course (6 UOC)

Year 2 Semester 2
Musical score

Study Levels

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