Ceramic Engineering - MATSJ13135

Stream Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Science

School: School of Materials Sci & Eng


Program: 3135 - Materials Science and Eng


Bachelor of Engineering (Major)

Information valid for students commencing 2013.
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Stream Outline

This entry lists professional electives for a major in Ceramic Engineering within the program 3135.

Ceramic Engineering is a Science and Technology course that teaches the science and technology involved in the production of ceramic products. Ceramic Engineering is concerned with the use of ceramic raw materials, which include clays as well as high-purity chemicals, to manufacture products that can show useful properties such as thermal stability (refractories), wear resistance (abrasives and cutting tools), chemical durability (glass), and structural stability (bricks and tiles).

Stream Structure

UNSW offers the only degree specialisation in Ceramic Engineering in Australia. The Ceramic Engineering stream is designed to produce graduates with expertise appropriate to the ceramic manufacturing industries, which include structural ceramics, advanced engineering ceramics, electrical ceramics, whitewares, glass manufacturing and refractories. Graduates are employed in a diverse range of areas including production, research and technical development, quality assurance, technical marketing, consulting and management. In addition to recognition of the degree by the Institution of Engineers Australia, graduates in Ceramic Engineering are also eligible for membership of the Institute of Ceramics of Great Britain, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers USA.

Ceramic Engineering is introduced comprehensively in Stages 3 and 4 of the program by a number of professional electives which include visits to various ceramic manufacturing plants, a design project and a thesis research project. Students may complete the first one or two years of their degree at their local university engineering school and then transfer with advanced standing to UNSW.

Ceramic Engineering Professional Electives:
  • NOTE: MATS4002 is a compulsory elective for this stream.

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