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Undergraduate Handbook

Computer Science - COMPAH3982

Plan Summary

Faculty: ENG - Faculty of Engineering
Program: 3982 - Computer Science/Digital Media
Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Plan Outline

The Computer Science Honours program is a one year full-time or two year part-time program. It is typically undertaken after completing the requirements for The single or combined Bachelor of Science in Computer Science having satisfied the various Computer Science prerequisites specified below. Applicants from other universities who have majored in computer science and obtained the equivalent of a 65 average are also eligible.

Entry to the honours program is by application to the Computer Science Honours Coordinator. Normally, students are expected to have attained a weighted average mark (WAM) of 65 to qualify for entry to the honours year. Students who do not meet this expectation may be admitted in special circumstances.

Plan Structure

The honours year has two components:
  • thesis project
  • coursework
Thesis Project
Thesis topics can be viewed on the CSE thesis website:


Students complete 30 units of credit (5 courses) in Computer Science electives. At least 18 units of credit (3 courses) must be level 4 - COMP4 or COMP9.

Suitable courses include:

Honours Assessment

Honours grading is based on the weighted average mark (WAM) of all the courses in honours year (incl. thesis). Courses are weighted by their unit of credit value.
Honours - WAM
Uni Medal - 85
Class 1 - 79
Class 2/1 - 70
Class 2/2 - 65

To receive the uni medal, the thesis must also be outstanding (typically 90+).

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