Jewellery Narratives, Concepts and Materials - SDES2408

Faculty: Faculty of Art & Design

School: School of Art & Design

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Campus: Paddington

Career: Undergraduate

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Jewellery Narratives, Concepts and Materials introduces students to the language of Jewellery and Object design through conceptual exploration, the acquisition of technical knowledge and studio based material investigations. Projects will employ a series of personal narratives and stories to explore and address stages of the design process, and implement critical analysis, research, problem-solving and design development culminating in the fabrication of finished jewellery design solutions. Communication techniques utilising two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats and basic computer skills will be developed.

Students will be presented with a series of lectures and demonstrations informing them of the different skills, knowledge and abilities required in order to undertake the creation of a three dimensional object.This course will develop students understanding of studio based jewellery practice through investigations of materials and jewellery processes. In practical terms students will examine the technology of metal and its translation through heat into three-dimensional forms.The techniques of soldering, casting and fabrication will be explored using non-ferrous metals, to translate design drawings and models into three-dimensional jewellery objects both wearable and non-wearable.

Assessment in this course is based on submission and evaluation of a three stage project development process including:

1. Material investigations and conceptual studies

2. Design proposal and statement examining possible solutions

3. Narrative outcome evidenced in the final object presentation and documentation

SDES2408 Jewellery Narratives, Concepts and Materialsis is an introductory 2000 level studio course. It is one of a suite of two (or more) interrelated core courses in Year 2 that contribute to a four-course specialist 'stream' in the BFA(Hons), BMA(Hons) and/or BDes(Hons) programs completed over Years 2 and 3.

This course relates to companion courses in the Jewellery studio stream particularly SDES2409 by providing an introduction to contemporary jewellery and object design in association with other Year 2 courses in preparation for more advanced studies in Year 3.


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