Well Technology - PTRL4017

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Petroleum Engineering

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Campus: Sydney

Career: Undergraduate

Units of Credit: 6

EFTSL: 0.12500 (more info)

Indicative Contact Hours per Week: 6

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CSS Contribution Charge: 2 (more info)

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Unit A - Well Design: Prediction of formation pore pressure and stress gradients. Determination of safety mud weight bounds for different in-situ stress conditions. Design and planning well trajectory. Surveying tools and methods. Design of drill string including bottomhole assembly. Drilling methods and equipment for directional, horizontal and multilateral wells. Selection of casing shoes, material properties and design of casing program.
Unit B - Well Completion: Well completion design, types of completion, completion selection and design criteria. Interval selection and productivity considerations: effect of producing mechanisms. Inflow performance and multiple tubing performance analyses using commercial software. Tubing-packer movement and forces. Tubing design: graphical tubing design and simplified tensional strength design. Selection of downhole equipment, tubing accessories and wellhead equipment. Basics of perforation, selection of equipment and procedure for perforating oil and gas wells. Technology of sand control: gravel packing.
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