Music and Culture in Bali: An Overseas Fieldtrip - MUSC2118

Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

School: School of the Arts and Media

Course Outline: School of the Arts and Media

Campus: Sydney

Career: Undergraduate

Units of Credit: 6

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Indicative Contact Hours per Week: 5.5

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Prerequisite: 30 units of credit at Level 1

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Subject Area: Music

This course focuses on the study of Balinese gamelan music and its cultural context during a two-week field trip in Bali over the July mid-year recess. The Balinese gamelan is a large gong-chime ensemble renowned the world over for its vibrant and unique music and it has exerted a significant influence on many important 20th century composers from Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Prior to the fieldtrip students will undertake a course of study in fundamental gamelan playing techniques and Balinese culture over four weeks. The fieldtrip will take place primarily in the traditional village of Bona in the Regency of Gianyar, a region renowned for its rich artistic and cultural heritage. Students will receive intensive gamelan instruction by leading local musicians. An introduction to Balinese dance is also an option for those interested in understanding the close relationship between Balinese music and dance. In addition to daily gamelan study, students will observe gamelan performance at traditional events such as temple ceremonies (odalan) and at contemporary festival performances. There are no prerequisites for this course.
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