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In April 2011, the Kirby Institute was renamed after 25 years as the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research, or NCHECR. Over that time, the organisation moved from its early roots as a leader in HIV research to expand the range of work from the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis to a range of related sexually transmissible infections and blood-borne viruses.

2011 also saw the addition of a new group, the Justice Health Program. Led by Professor David Cooper, the Kirby Institute has a leading presence in Australia coupled with a strong and increasing presence in South East Asia. Australia’s national interest is served where it intervenes in health issues in its region by leading in developing and delivering solutions.

The Kirby Institute is an external centre of the University of New South Wales, with the eleven research programs based either on the St Vincent's Hospital Research Precinct or at the UNSW Coogee campus.

Plans are well advanced to house all members of the Kirby Institute on the main UNSW campus in Kensington from 2014. The eleven research programs are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Program; the Biostatistics and Databases Program; the HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program; the Immunovirology and Pathogenesis Program; the Justice Health Research Program; the Public Health Interventions Research Group; the Sexual Health Program; the Surveillance and Evaluation Program for Public Health; the Therapeutic and Vaccine Research Program; the Viral Hepatitis Epidemiology and Prevention Program; and the Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program.

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