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The School of Risk & Safety Sciences, formerly known as the School of Safety Science, was formally established in year 1986. The School undertakes research and provides programs of study in areas related to Occupational and Health Safety, Ergonomics, and Environmental studies.

The School has eight full time academic staff who are specialists in Safety Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety, Chemical Safety and Toxicology, Ergonomics, Human Behaviour, and Risk Management. Experts in other specialist areas, such as Occupational Health and Safety Law, are associated with the School and teach in its coursework programs.

By bringing together staff from widely different backgrounds into a single academic unit dedicated to teaching and research in safety and health and the environment, the School is able to offer well coordinated courses which are the broadest based of any offered in Australia.

The School has laboratory facilities for research into biomechanics, ergonomics, usability, chemical hazards, and toxicology. It also undertakes industry based research in risk management, quality management, and attitudinal and behavioural change.

For information on the programs of study offered by the School, please refer to the relevant discipline entries in this online Handbook and to the School's website. We look forward to welcoming you to UNSW

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