Photovoltaic Engineering - SOLAER2645

Stream Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School:  School of the Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Contact: School

Program: 2645 - Engineering

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Stream Outline

The Master of Philosophy is a research degree with a coursework component taken over four sessions full-time or equivalent. The research component will lead to a thesis which embodies the result of an original investigation, design or engineering development. A program of advanced study comprising 3 courses (18 Units of Credit) makes up the remainder of the program.

For full details of the requirements of a UNSW MPhil, see Policy

Stream Structure

To graduate, students must complete the requirements specified in the relevant stream.

Streams in this program require students to complete 1 research methods course, 1 or 2 Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge courses, and up to 1 Disciplinary Knowledge Course, with this possibility subject to the approval of the Program Authority.

For lists of Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge and Disciplinary Knowledge courses, consult the Photovoltaics & Solar Energy stream in the 8338 Master of Engineering Science program SOLACS8338.

This coursework component of the degree must be completed during the first 2 sessions (full-time equivalent) of a student's enrolment in the program.

Entry requires a relevant Bachelor's degree at Honours level or equivalent. Students should have been in contact with a potential supervisor before applying for the program.

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