Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Manufacturing Engineering & Management is concerned with the application of basic scientific and engineering knowledge to the development, manufacture and distribution of goods of all types. The principles of Manufacturing Management also can be applied to many service enterprises such as banking and the operation of transport systems.

Manufacturing Engineering & Management covers areas as diverse as the design and operation of factories, the economic analysis of projects, computer simulation of manufacturing systems, the use of robots in manufacturing, the design of materials handling systems and the design of systems for controlling production.

Although Manufacturing Engineering & Management is diverse in its areas of operation, it also often requires a sound overview of these diverse areas. Thus technical, organisational and economic aspects are involved as well as the management of people.
Graduates from the Manufacturing Engineering & Management degree are involved in a wide range of essential industries and because of the diversity of industries and activities which require their skills, career prospects are excellent. The increasing emphasis on computer based technologies in manufacturing means that recent graduates are in strong demand.

Studying Manufacturing Engineering & Management at UNSW

The study of Manufacturing Engineering and Management is primarily though the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Please refer to the table below for a list of programs available at UNSW.

Manufacturing Engineering and Management can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Manufacturing Eng & Management Specialisation MANFFS5341

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