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As an area of study, Education crosses the boundaries between a number of disciplines including aspects of philosophy, sociology and psychology, and addresses their interaction with the learning and teaching process.

The study of Education prepares students for a career in teaching in secondary schools. Students combine studies in two approved teaching disciplines with both theoretical and practical aspects of education.

Graduates of Education find employment in the teaching profession within government, Catholic or private schools.

Studying Education at UNSW

The School of Education at UNSW ( offers a range of postgraduate coursework programs. Please refer to the table below for a complete list.

Education can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Plan
Aboriginal Studies Specialisation EDTMDA5926
Business Studies Specialisation EDTMDB5926
Chinese Specialisation EDTMDC5926
Drama Specialisation EDTMDD5926
ESL Specialisation EDTMDH5926
Economics Specialisation EDTMDE5926
English Specialisation EDTMDF5926
English Double Method Specialisation EDTMDG5926
French Specialisation EDTMDI5926
Geography Specialisation EDTMDJ5926
German Specialisation EDTMDK5926
Indonesian Specialisation EDTMDL5926
Japanese Specialisation EDTMDM5926
Korean Specialisation EDTMDN5926
Legal Studies Specialisation EDTMDO5926
Mathematics Double Method Specialisation EDTMDP5926
Modern History Specialisation EDTMDQ5926
Modern History Double Method Specialisation EDTMDR5926
Science Double Method Specialisation EDTMDS5926
Spanish Specialisation EDTMDT5926

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