Petroleum Engineering - PTRLAS8539

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Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Petroleum Engineering

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Program: 8539 - Engineering Science (Ext)


Master of Engineering Science (Extension) (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

The specialisation in Petroleum Engineering is designed to cater for upstream oil and gas personnel who are interested in expanding their knowledge base and improving their technical understanding in the area of petroleum engineering. The specialisation covers three areas, namely Reservoir Characterisation, Reservoir and Production Engineering and Drilling and Well Technology. All Programs offered by distance education require industry experience. Also applications for Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate by distance mode can be accepted with lesser educational qualification. The admission to Masters requires a Bachelor of Engineering degree plus one year experience, Graduate Diploma; Bachelor degree plus 3 years experience and Graduate Certificate requires Higher School Certificate plus five years experience.

The petroleum industry traditionally relies on 'on-the-job' training programs, supplemented by in-house and external short courses to train and update petroleum engineers and earth scientists. Accordingly, the School of Petroleum Engineering has developed a specialisation that is delivered by lecture as well as distance learning mode.

The Open Learning Program is specifically designed to cater for personnel who are currently working in the industry and who are unable to attend classes on campus. Students are provided with specially written resource material/study guides and pre-prepared computer-based software for problem solving and self-study. Contact with the course facilitator is via the web using Vista software, which provides an interactive learning environment.

Stream Structure

Professional Development Courses - 24uoc (4 courses)

A selection of professional development courses appropriate to the student's specialisation will be determined by the specialisation authority.

Specialisation Courses - Minimum 24uoc (4 courses):
  • PTRL5025 Well Control and Blowout Prevention (6UOC)*
  • PTRL5027 Casing Design and Cementing (6UOC)*
  • PTRL5028 Practical Aspects of Well Planning (6UOC)*
  • PTRL5029 Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling (6UOC)*
*Check with the school as to availability of these courses.


The following courses are core courses for Reservoir Characterisation, Reservoir and Production Engineering and Drilling and Well Technology:
PTRL5007, PTRL5107

The following courses are core courses for the Reservoir Characterisation area:
GEOS9152, PTRL5006, PTRL5021

The following courses are core courses for the Reservoir and Production Engineering area:
PTRL5001, PTRL5003, PTRL5004, PTRL5011

The following courses are core courses for the Well Drilling and Well Technology area:
PTRL5009, PTRL5016, PTRL5022

Engineering Technical Management - Minimum 12uoc - Maximum 24uoc (2-4 courses)
A listing of Engineering Technical Management courses can be found here

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