Water Resources - CVENSS8538

Stream Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Program: 8538 - Engineering Science


Master of Engineering Science (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

The specialisation in Water Resources provides students with advanced study options in water resources including various aspects of surface water hydrology, urban hydrology and stormwater management, catchment and water resources modeling, groundwater investigations and hydrogeology, hydrodynamics of rivers and estuaries, coastal engineering related to waves, beaches and coastal infrastructure.

Stream Structure

Professional Development Courses - 24uoc (4 courses):

A selection of professional development courses appropriate to the student's specialisation will be determined by the specialisation authority.

Specialisation Courses - Minimum 24uoc (4 courses):
The availability of the courses may vary from session to session and courses may be offered in alternate years. Please check School's website for current information.

Engineering Technical Management - Minimum 12uoc - Maximum 24uoc (2-4 courses)
A listing of Engineering Technical Management courses can be found here

Project Courses:
Students may take CVEN9901, CVEN9930 or CVEN9950 depending on the Program they are enrolled in, their performance in courses and the approval of the specialisation authority.

Study Levels

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