General Education Program

Why General Education Program?

UNSW requires that undergraduate students undertake a structured program in General Education as an integral part of studies for their degree. The University believes that a general education complements the more specialised learning undertaken in a student’s chosen field of study and contributes to the flexibility which graduates are increasingly required to demonstrate. Employers repeatedly point to the complex nature of the modern work environment and advise that they highly value graduates with the skills provided by a broad general education, in addition to the specialised knowledge provided in more narrowly defined degree programs. As well, over many years graduates of this University have reported that they greatly valued their General Education studies, which are found to be relevant to both career and personal development.

The General Education Program at UNSW intends to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of the environment in which they live and work and to enhance their critical analysis skills. Above all, the program presents students with interesting, challenging and enjoyable opportunities to pursue their own intellectual curiosity.
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