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Who can help?

Postgraduate students should contact their Science School Office for information and assistance.

Science Schools

There are nine schools in the Faculty of Science at UNSW:

School of Aviation www.aviation.unsw.edu.au

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) www.bees.unsw.edu.au

School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences (BABS) www.babs.unsw.edu.au

School of Chemistry www.chem.unsw.edu.au

School of Materials Science and Engineering www.materials.unsw.edu.au

School of Mathematics and Statistics www.maths.unsw.edu.au

School of Optometry and Vision Science www.optom.unsw.edu.au

School of Physics www.phys.unsw.edu.au

School of Psychology www.psy.unsw.edu.au

Course Descriptions

The UNSW Handbook contains a brief description of all courses currently offered by the Faculty of Science. Descriptions of courses can be found in the Online Handbook at legacy.handbook.unsw.edu.au.

For more detailed course information (including course outlines), contact the School responsible for the course (see above).

Postgraduate Information

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