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As one of the world’s top 50 medical faculties, UNSW Medicine is building the future of healthcare. Our leading educators, researchers and clinicians are translating discoveries into breakthrough cures, therapies and treatment strategies and turning high achieving students into caring healthcare professionals with globally recognised qualifications.

UNSW Medicine understands it takes ongoing innovation and open, bright minds to meet the formidable global, national and local challenges of ageing populations, increasingly complex medical treatments and stretched healthcare budgets. To continuously improve patient outcomes, UNSW Medicine is backing medical research over the long term, recalibrating the way medicine is taught, scrutinising modern healthcare delivery and realising the potential of new technologies. And by prioritising social equity and inclusion, UNSW Medicine is ensuring the future delivery of relevant, insightful healthcare to poorly-served Indigenous and rural communities.

For information on the programs of study offered by UNSW Medicine, please refer to the relevant discipline and program entries in this Online Handbook and to the UNSW Medicine website: med.unsw.edu.au

We look forward to welcoming you to UNSW Medicine.

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