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The UNSW Faculty of Law comprises the School of Law and various legal research and community centres. The Faculty is committed to teaching and research excellence in collaboration with partners in the professions, business, government and the community and in the context of a commitment to social justice. We are dedicated to preserving the highest levels of student satisfaction in their legal and taxation education. The Faculty believes that intellectual and social development is best achieved when student views are recognised, appreciated and shared.

The School of Law was founded in 1971. From its inception, it pioneered a new tradition of teaching in Australia: interactive teaching and learning in small groups. This mode has since become a model for other law faculties. We believe that teaching in small groups of around 40 students stimulates the educational process. The result is a more robust and sharpened learning environment which helps students to develop superior powers of legal analysis.

The Faculty's specialised legal and community centres provide hands-on small group interaction in which students can learn about human rights, indigenous legal rights, constitutional and comparative law, and cyberspace and youth law. Our library staff further complement small group teaching with their own strong backgrounds in research and service. Last, but not least, our law student representatives actively engage in Law Faculty governance on key committees and in day-to-day administration of Faculty affairs.

For information on the programs of study offered by the Faculty, please refer to the relevant discipline or program entries in this online Handbook and to the Faculty website.

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