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This section of the Handbook is designed as a detailed source of information in all matters related to the Faculty of Science.
If you require advice about enrolment, degree requirements, progression within programs or any other general matters, contact the Science Student Centre, Robert Webster Building: tel: (02) 9385 6125, fax: (02) 9385 6127 or email: SSO@unsw.edu.au
The office is staffed between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Thursday and between 9am and 4pm on Friday, but this may vary during non-session times.
For information and advice about course content and requirements, contact the appropriate schools/teaching units as indicated in the course descriptions.

General Information

Science programs are built from the wide range of science and technology-based courses available across UNSW.

These programs are divided into two types: the 'general' Science and Advanced Science programs, and a range of 'Vocational Science' programs oriented more toward professional or industry-based careers. These programs, and the courses which they are composed of, are described in more detail in the individual Online Handbook program record. However, the information that follows in this section applies equally to both types of program.

Educational and academic activities at UNSW are organised and administered in faculties. The Faculty of Science is focused towards providing teaching and research in the sciences. Other faculties, including Engineering, Medicine, Arts and Social Sciences, and Commerce and Economics, also make a major contribution to activities in the sciences.

The basic educational building blocks in the sciences are the courses which students take. These courses are drawn together into majors and study plans that provide coherent development of specific disciplines. These are in turn drawn together to form degrees or programs. The majors and study plans are listed in more detail in the individual Online Handbook program record.

Faculty of Science Website

Please refer to the Faculty of Science website for further information: www.science.unsw.edu.au.

Course Descriptions

Descriptions of courses can be found in the Online Handbook at legacy.handbook.unsw.edu.au.

Computing Information

Within the Faculty of Science, each of the schools manages or has access to undergraduate computing laboratories equipped with a combination of X-terminals, PCs and Macs. These are connected through the campus-wide network, and are used extensively in undergraduate teaching and in providing email access to all students. This is provided through local and often specialised facilities and through access to regional and national centres. The systems accessible range from PCs to supercomputers together with the associated peripherals and support personnel. For further information on computing, please contact the relevant school office.

Enrolment Procedures

New students will receive enrolment information with their offer of a place in their chosen program.

All re-enrolling students should enrol via myUNSW during appointed enrolment periods. Information regarding enrolling online is available from UNSW Student Central, the Science Student Centre or via the web at https://my.unsw.edu.au

The course timetable for second and later years for the Science and the Advanced Science programs is available in late October/early November from the Science Student Centre, in the Robert Webster Building. All re-enrolling students should collect one of these timetables. Students who expect to complete the requirements for their degree or are proceeding to Honours will also need to collect the relevant form, which needs to be completed and returned to the Science Student Centre by early January, after students receive their results.

Students not enrolling before the first day of Session 1 have no guarantee that a place is available in the courses offered in that year. This is particularly important for courses where laboratory space is limited. Students should be aware that some courses may require a field trip which may involve personal costs to the student. Consult individual course authorities for details. Quotas may apply to certain programs and courses and students should consult with program and course authorities for details.

Undergraduate Information

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