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Summary of Programs
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The main aims of these Science programs may be summarised as providing opportunities for students to prepare themselves for careers in research, technology, science, mathematics and education, or areas of management or public policy which involve the use of science or mathematics.

The Science program (3970) leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) at Pass level on the completion of a three-stage program, taking three years of full-time study. A student who completes the program with a high standard of achievement may be permitted to continue to a fourth year in order to take an Honours degree.

The Advanced Science and Advanced Mathematics programs (3972, 3986) and the Bachelor of Environmental Science (3988) lead to the award of Bachelor of Science (BSc) on the completion of a four stage program, at Honours or Pass level (level of award and Honours is based on academic performance), taking four years of full-time study. Depending on their program of study, students in their fourth year undertake either a research Honours program or a program of coursework and research.

The time specified (three or four years) is the minimum time required for completion of each program. Students may complete program requirements over a longer period of time or as part-time candidates. Students contemplating part-time study should note that with few exceptions classes are offered in the day only. This applies even at first year level and means that it is not possible to complete studies by evening classes alone.

Science Program (3970)

The three-year Science program 3970 has been designed for students who seek a 'generalist' degree in which there is a large element of choice. A student can combine courses from two or more Science disciplines, or take courses from outside the Science disciplines.

Science (International) Program (3987)

The Science (International) program 3987 is designed for students wishing to obtain a strong and highly recarded Science program coupled with specific emphasis on cross-cultural skills, knowledge and understanding. The program also provides the knowledge and skills essential for understanding and working in the rapidly changing global environment.

Advanced Science Programs (3972, 3986)

The programs 3972 and 3986 differ from the standard Bachelor of Science program (3970) in that they include advanced level courses, an Honours year and options tailored to an individual's aptitude and interests.
A feature of the Advanced Science program is the requirement that all students enrol in and complete a specified study plan in a particular discipline or specialisation.

Environmental Science Program (3988)

This program 3988 is a four-year degree leading to a Bachelor of Environmental Science. A student must complete the core in Environmental Science plus a specialisation in one of the approved disciplines.

Medical Science Program (3991)

This is a three-year degree (3991) based on structured study plans leading to a Bachelor of Medical Science. Subject to certain conditions, a student may be permitted to continue into a fourth year to complete an Honours degree.

Dual Degree Programs

In these programs, Science is combined with studies in another faculty (e.g. Engineering, Law, Arts and Social Sciences etc). The basic requirement from Science is that a student should complete at least 96 units of credit in Science including a major selected from Table A.


Typically, each program requires study of a number of prescribed core courses and elective courses at specified stages or levels to ensure a sound basis in the discipline. Each course is assigned a 'Level', which corresponds to the defined stages for each program. There are limits on the number of Level I courses that can be studied in a program (please refer to individual program descriptions). Students are not normally allowed to enrol in courses at a given level before reaching the corresponding stage of the program. Levels are:
Level I - Stage 1
Level II - Stage 2
Level II/III - Stage 2 or 3
Level III - Stage 3 (also Stage 4 in some Advanced Science programs)
Level IV - Stage 4 (or Honours year)

Undergraduate Information

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