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DVC (E) Board of Studies Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ATSI1011 Indigenous Australia 6
ATSI1012 Aboriginal Sydney 6
ATSI2003 Indigenous Material Culture-Objects and Their Journey 6
ATSI2004 Popular Culture of Indigenous Australia 6
ATSI2011 Indigenous Australian Political History 6
ATSI2012 Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Politics 6
ATSI2014 Indigenous People and Policy 6
ATSI2015 The Science of Indigenous Knowledge 6
ATSI2016 Torres Strait: Past & Present 6
ATSI3001 Australian Indigenous Identity 6
ATSI3002 Indigenous Australia: Gendered Identities 6
ATSI3003 Indigenous Cultural Heritage and the Environment 6
ATSI3005 Race, Colonialism and Whiteness 6
ATSI3006 Astronomy of Indigenous Australians 6
ATSI3007 Human-Animal Interactions in Indigenous Domains 6
ATSI3017 Indigenous Histories and the Colonial World 6
DIPP1110 Introduction to Global Citizenship 6
DIPP1111 Introduction to Leadership and Professional Practice 6
DIPP1112 Introduction to the Workplace 6
DIPP1310 Professional Experience 1 6
DIPP1510 Work Placement 6
GENY0001 Academic Skills Plus 6
GENY0002 Academic Skills Plus 6
GENY0003 Academic Skills Plus 6

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Faculty of Art & Design Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ADAD2405 Creative Thinking Processes 6
ADAD2406 Creative Experimentation 6
SAHT2403 Indigenous Design and the Everyday 6
SAHT2404 Modern Latin American Art 6
SAHT2405 The Last 40 Years of Painting 6
SAHT2406 Convict to Contemporary: Australian design history 6
SAHT2407 Rendering Data: Visualising in Media, Art and Design 6
SAHT2655 Manipulated Moving Images 6
SAHT2700 Post-Pornographic Bodies 6
SAHT3217 Socially Engaged Art 6
SART1311 Making: Painting 6
SART1314 Making: Sculpture Performance and Installation 6
SART2404 Printmaking: Intaglio Methods and the Matrix 6
SART2405 Printmaking: Matrix Tradition and Innovation 6
SART2406 Printmaking: Planographic Systems and Substrates 6
SART2407 Printmaking: Serigraphic Tech & Experimentation 6
SART2409 SPI: Visual Poetics 6
SART2410 SPI: Mixed Methods 6
SDES0215 Creative Thinking Case Studies 6
SDES2167 Textiles for Fashion 6
SDES2173 Envisioning Identity: Design & National Experience 6
SDES2202 Mindful Making: Contemplative Practices 6
SDES2203 Drawing for Design 6
SDES2404 Ceramics: Method and Meaning 6
SDES2405 Ceramics: Space, Structure and Surface 6
SDES2410 Object Design Dialogues: Concept to Fabrication 6
SDES2411 Object Typologies: Reuse, Recycle 6
SDES2414 Sustainable Design: Theories and Practice 6
SDES2416 Dreams of Home: Australian Domestic Design 6
SDES2460 Introduction to the Textiles Studio 6
SDES3409 Jewellery: Contextual Issues through Bodyworks 6
SDES4205 Information Graphics: Design & Visualising Data 6
SOMA1312 Making: Photography 6
SOMA1601 Physical Interfaces for Experimental Listening 6
SOMA1691 3D Stereographic Cinematography 6
SOMA2203 Media Art in the 21st Century 6
SOMA2409 Animated Worlds 6
SOMA2410 The 3D Animated Body 6
SOMA2411 CGI Lens Laboratory 6
SOMA2412 Video Document 6
SOMA2413 Sound Foundations 6
SOMA2414 Foundations of Digital Imaging 6
SOMA2415 Narrative Structures in Moving Image 6
SOMA2416 Projection mapping 6
SOMA2417 Sound Installation and Soundscape 6
SOMA2480 Understanding Media Art 6
SOMA2481 Future Screen: Practices of Speculative Media 6
SOMA2522 Social Robotics: Movement Design for Human-Robot Interaction 6
SOMA2816 Introduction to Motion Capture 6
SOMA2818 Media Apps and Digital Publication 6
SOMA2862 Ecomedia Art Practices 6
SOMA2863 Media Art in Asia 6
SOMA3408 Animation Processes: Pre- to Post-Production 6
SOMA3409 Deconstructed Animation Systems 6

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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ARTS1010 The Life of Words 6
ARTS1030 Introduction to English: Literary Genres 6
ARTS1031 Reading Through Time: Literature from the Renaissance to Postmodernity 6
ARTS1032 The Literature Laboratory: Writing Beyond Limits 6
ARTS1060 Introduction to Film Studies 6
ARTS1062 Hollywood Film: Industry, Technology, Aesthetics 6
ARTS1090 Media, Culture and Everyday Life 6
ARTS1091 Media, Society, Politics 6
ARTS1120 Watching and Making Theatre 6
ARTS1121 Reading Performance 6
ARTS1190 Australian Legends: Introducing Australian Studies 6
ARTS1210 Concepts of Asia 6
ARTS1211 Australia's Asian Context 6
ARTS1240 Environment and Society 6
ARTS1241 Environmental Advocacy and Activism 6
ARTS1270 Global History 6
ARTS1271 The History Matrix: The Making of the Modern World 6
ARTS1360 Introducing Moral, Social & Political Philosophy 6
ARTS1361 Knowledge and Reality: Introduction to Philosophy 6
ARTS1450 Introductory Chinese A for Non-Background Students 6
ARTS1451 Introductory Chinese B for Non-Background Students 6
ARTS1452 Introductory Chinese for Background Speakers A 6
ARTS1453 Introductory Chinese for Background Speakers B 6
ARTS1480 Introductory French A 6
ARTS1481 Introductory French B 6
ARTS1510 Introductory German A 6
ARTS1511 Introductory German B 6
ARTS1540 Introductory Greek A 6
ARTS1541 Introductory Greek B 6
ARTS1570 Introductory Spanish A 6
ARTS1571 Introductory Spanish B 6
ARTS1620 Introductory Italian 1 6
ARTS1621 Introductory Italian 2 6
ARTS1630 Introductory Japanese A 6
ARTS1631 Introductory Japanese B 6
ARTS1660 Introductory Korean A 6
ARTS1661 Introductory Korean B 6
ARTS1690 The Structure of Language 6
ARTS1691 The Use of Language 6
ARTS1750 Introduction to Development Studies 6
ARTS1752 Development in a Global Context 6
ARTS1780 Concepts of Europe 6
ARTS1781 Europe and the Modern World 6
ARTS1810 Introduction to International Relations 6
ARTS1811 Contemporary Issues in International Relations 6
ARTS1840 Australian Politics: An Introduction 6
ARTS1844 Political Institutions, Principles, and Ideologies 6
ARTS1870 Rethinking the Social 6
ARTS1871 Researching Cultural Experience 6
ARTS1900 Gendered Worlds: Intro to Women's & Gender Studies 6
ARTS2005 Choreography and Theory 6
ARTS2008 Dance Technique 6
ARTS2009 Technical Production for Performance and Exhibition 6
ARTS2031 Australian Literature 6
ARTS2032 Creative Writing 6
ARTS2033 Poetry and Poetics 6
ARTS2034 Shakespearean Drama 6
ARTS2035 American Literature: Past and Present 6
ARTS2036 Modernism: Text and Screen 6
ARTS2037 Reading Women's Writing 6
ARTS2038 Popular Fictions: Novels and their Afterlives 6
ARTS2039 Irish Modernists: Yeats, Joyce, Beckett 6
ARTS2061 Contemporary Approaches to Cinema 6
ARTS2062 Australian Cinema 6
ARTS2063 National Cinemas 6
ARTS2064 A Case Study of Film Genre: Comedian Comedy 6
ARTS2066 Writing for the Screen 6
ARTS2091 Mobile Cultures 6
ARTS2092 Global Media: Markets, Flows and Cultures 6
ARTS2093 Media Uses: Practices of Cultural Consumption 6
ARTS2094 Visual Communication 6
ARTS2095 Digital Technologies and the Self 6
ARTS2120 Writing for Theatre 6
ARTS2123 Musicals, Dance and Popular Culture 6
ARTS2125 Acting and Performing on Stage 6
ARTS2126 Reviewing the Arts 6
ARTS2127 Great Plays 6
ARTS2128 Art, Activism, Publics 6
ARTS2150 Modern United States History 6
ARTS2210 Modern India: from British Raj to Bollywood 6
ARTS2211 East Asia 6
ARTS2212 Southeast Asia 6
ARTS2213 Asian Popular Culture 6
ARTS2216 Politics and Security in Contemporary Asia 6
ARTS2240 Environment, Sustainability and Development 6
ARTS2242 The Politics of Climate Change 6
ARTS2243 Waste and Society 6
ARTS2244 Rethinking Wildlife: Philosophy, Biodiversity, Extinction 6
ARTS2247 Indigenous People and the Environment 6
ARTS2248 Disasters and Society 6
ARTS2270 Australia 1788-1900: The Fatal Shore? 6
ARTS2271 Australia 1901-2008:From Federation to the Apology 6
ARTS2272 Europe in Turmoil: From Renaissance to Revolutions 6
ARTS2273 Towards war and revolution: 19th century Europe 6
ARTS2281 Ancient Egypt and Western Asia 6
ARTS2282 Rome 6
ARTS2283 Classical Greece 6
ARTS2285 The Holocaust: Origins, Implementation, Aftermath 6
ARTS2301 Computers, Brains and Minds 6
ARTS2303 On Drugs: Industry, Science and Medicine since 1900 6
ARTS2360 Truth and Belief 6
ARTS2361 Philosophy of Mind 6
ARTS2362 Freedom, Alienation and Modern Life 6
ARTS2363 Chinese Philosophy 6
ARTS2367 Aesthetics 6
ARTS2372 Philosophy and Social Critique 6
ARTS2374 Ways of Reasoning 6
ARTS2384 Political Philosophy: Utopia, Violence & Free Speech 6
ARTS2450 Intermediate Chinese for Non-Background Students A 6
ARTS2451 Intermediate Chinese for Non-Background Students B 6
ARTS2452 Chinese English Translation 6
ARTS2453 Chinese Cinema 6
ARTS2455 Gender in Contemporary China 6
ARTS2457 China Imagined and Perceived 6
ARTS2458 Along the Silk Road: Conquerors, Traders and Explorers 6
ARTS2461 Intermediate Chinese for Background Speakers A 6
ARTS2462 Intermediate Chinese for Background Speakers B 6
ARTS2463 Nationalism, Identity and Ethnicity in China 6
ARTS2480 Intermediate French A 6
ARTS2481 Intermediate French B 6
ARTS2484 The Lives of the Impressionists and Other Artists 6
ARTS2486 The French Speaking World 6
ARTS2510 Intermediate German A 6
ARTS2511 Intermediate German B 6
ARTS2542 Gods, Heroines and Heroes in Greek Myth 6
ARTS2570 Intermediate Spanish A 6
ARTS2571 Intermediate Spanish B 6
ARTS2630 Intermediate Japanese A 6
ARTS2631 Intermediate Japanese B 6
ARTS2660 Intermediate Korean A 6
ARTS2661 Intermediate Korean B 6
ARTS2663 Korea and Japan: Chinese Cultural Transmission 6
ARTS2690 Semantics and Pragmatics 6
ARTS2692 Syntax 6
ARTS2693 Psycholinguistics 6
ARTS2694 Phonology: Theory and Description 6
ARTS2696 Contemporary English Grammar 6
ARTS2698 Intercultural Interaction 6
ARTS2750 Modern Latin America: Dependency and Development 6
ARTS2751 International Development 6
ARTS2752 Local Politics of Development 6
ARTS2781 Postwar Europe: Politics, Societies, Cultures 6
ARTS2785 Europe between the Wars 6
ARTS2786 Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Modern Europe 6
ARTS2811 International Law: Power, Politics and Ideology 6
ARTS2812 The Politics of International Organisation 6
ARTS2813 International Security 6
ARTS2815 International Relations in Southeast Asia 6
ARTS2840 Politics of Human Rights in Australia 6
ARTS2845 Sex, Human Rights and Justice 6
ARTS2846 Multiculturalism in Law & Politics 6
ARTS2848 Language, Politics and Society 6
ARTS2850 Constitutions and Revolutions 6
ARTS2851 Democracy and Authoritarianism in the 21st century 6
ARTS2870 Global Citizens, Justice and Civil Society 6
ARTS2871 Power and Powerlessness 6
ARTS2872 Living and dying 6
ARTS2873 People and Place 6
ARTS2874 Culture and Emotion 6
ARTS2875 Society and Desire 6
ARTS2876 Understanding the Self 6
ARTS2877 Technologies, Culture, Society 6
ARTS2900 Global Feminisms: Competing Visions, Varying Histories 6
ARTS2904 Dressed to Kill: Dress and Identity in History 6
ARTS2906 History of Sexuality 6
ARTS2910 Philosophy and the Body 6
ARTS3480 Advanced French A 6
ARTS3481 Advanced French B 6
ARTS3482 Professional French A 6
ARTS3483 Professional French B 6
ARTS3510 Advanced German A 6
ARTS3511 Advanced German B 6
ARTS3570 Advanced Spanish A 6
ARTS3571 Advanced Spanish B 6
ARTS3630 Advanced Japanese A 6
ARTS3631 Advanced Japanese B 6
ARTS3660 Advanced Korean A 6
ARTS3661 Advanced Korean B 6
ARTS3663 Professional Korean 6
CRIM1010 Criminology: An Introduction 6
CRIM1011 Introduction to Criminal Justice 6
EDST1101 Educational Psychology 6
EDST1104 Social Perspectives in Education 6
EDST1108 Indigenous Perspectives in Education 6
EDST2022 Teaching EAL/D students in secondary schools 6
EDST2032 Critical Thinking and Education 6
EDST2044 Motivation in Learning and Teaching 6
EDST2045 Teacher Effectiveness, Research and Practice 6
EDST2046 Language and Literacy Learning in the Classroom 6
EDST2053 Human Variation and Education 6
EDST2062 Assessment as Practice 6
EDST2070 Culture, Identity and Education 6
EDST2080 School Reform for Improvement: Theory, Policy and Practice 6
EDST2090 Managing learner cognitive load 6
EDST2091 Introduction to e-Learning and technology-supported Teaching 6
EDST2092 Psychological Perspectives on Music Education 6
EDST2093 Health in Schools and Other Educational Settings 6
GENT0508 Music on My Mind: Psychology and music 6
HUMS1004 Thinking Through Disability: People, Policies and Practices 6
MUSC1602 Materials and Structures of Music 1 6
MUSC1603 Materials and Structures of Music 2 6
MUSC1604 Western Music: a Panorama 6
MUSC1703 BA Performance Laboratory 1 6
MUSC1706 BA Performance Laboratory 2 6
MUSC2111 Introduction to Musicology 6
MUSC2113 Film Music 6
MUSC2116 Sound, Society & Self in World Music 6
MUSC2118 Music and Culture in Bali: An Overseas Fieldtrip 6
MUSC2602 Materials and Structures of Music 3 6
MUSC2603 Materials and Structures of Music 4 6
MUSC3104 Contemplating Jazz: History, Style, Reception 6
SOCW1004 Lifespan, Health and Resilience 6
SRAP1000 Policy and Society 6
SRAP1001 Social Research and Society 6
SRAP2001 Qualitative Social Research 6

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Faculty of Built Environment Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
BENV2256 Theory and Politics in Architecture since 1960 6
BENV6725 20th c. Architecture: Modernity to Deconstruction 6
BENV6726 Researching Art, Architecture and Design 6
BENV6728 Classical Architecture 6
BLDG4021 Construction Innovation 12

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Faculty of Engineering Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
AVEN1920 Introduction to Aircraft Engineering 6
BIOM1010 Engineering in Medicine and Biology 6
COMP1000 Introduction to World Wide Web, Spreadsheets and Databases 6
COMP1400 Programming for Designers 6
COMP1911 Computing 1A 6
COMP1917 Computing 1 6
COMP1921 Computing 1B 6
COMP1927 Computing 2 6
COMP2111 System Modelling and Design 6
COMP3441 Security Engineering 6
COMP3511 Human Computer Interaction 6
ELEC3145 Real Time Instrumentation 6
ENGG1811 Computing for Engineers 6
FOOD1120 Introduction to Food Science 6
FOOD3030 Food Safety and Quality Assurance 6
GENE1011 From Catchment to Ocean 6
GENE1015 Environmental Sustainability-Methods, Tools, Mngmt 6
GMAT1110 Surveying and Geospatial Engineering 6
GMAT1400 Land Resource Assessment 6
MINE1010 Mineral Resources Engineering 6
PTRL1010 Introduction to the Petroleum Industry 6
SOLA1070 Sustainable Energy 6

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Faculty of Law Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
GENL0231 Law in the Information Age 2.0 6
GENL0250 Sport, Law and Society in Australia 6
GENL0251 Sport and Law in the Western World 6
GENL0252 Sport and International Diplomacy 6
GENL1021 World Religions 6
GENL1022 Women and Religion 6
GENL1062 Understanding Human Rights 6
GENL1063 Terror and Religion 6
GENL1070 International Tourism: Customs, Codes and Conventions 6
GENL2015 The World of Work 6
GENL2021 Introduction to the Australian Legal System 6
GENL2022 Law and Contemporary Issues 6
GENL2032 Cyberspace Law 2.0 6
GENL2323 Owning Creativity: Issues in Intellectual Property 6
GENL2456 Innovation Law and Policy 6
GENL5021 Business Law Basics 6

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Faculty of Medicine Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ANAT2521 Evolution of Human Structure 6
GENM0202 Frontiers in Neuroscience 6
GENM0295 Personalised medicine 6
GENM0510 Managing Media 6
GENM0518 Health and Power in an Internet Age 6
GENM0703 Concepts of Physical Activity, Exercise and Health 6
GENM0707 Nutrition and Health 6
GENM0708 Principles of Health Education & Behaviour Change 6
GENM0804 Lifestyle, Health and Disease 6

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Faculty of Science Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
AVIA1902 Airline Financial Analysis and Decision Support 6
AVIA2950 Current Affairs in Aviation 6
AVIA3900 Aviation and Sustainable Tourism 6
BIOS1101 Evolutionary and Functional Biology 6
BIOS1301 Ecology, sustainability and environmental science 6
ENVS2030 Australian Cultural & Social Environments 6
GENS0401 Introduction to Climate Change 6
GENS0450 Measuring the Universe 6
GENS1099 Protecting Earth's Environment 6
GENS3501 Materials and Technology for Society 6
GENS4008 Nuclear Arms, Peace and Global Governance 6
GENS4010 Science and Religion 6
GENS4015 Brave New World: Science Fiction, Science Fact and the Future 6
GENS5003 Aviation Contemporary Issues 6
GENS5013 Workplace Safety 6
GEOS1211 Environmental Earth Science 6
GEOS1601 Population, Environment, Society 6
GEOS1701 Understanding Physical Environments and Issues 6
GEOS2641 Urban Environments 6
IEST6907 Environmental Pollution, Risk and Health 6
IEST6911 Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 6
MATH2121 Theory and Applications of Differential Equations 6
MATH2221 Higher Theory and Applications of Diff. Equations 6
MATH2241 Introduction to Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics 6
MATH2521 Complex Analysis 6
MATH2621 Higher Complex Analysis 6
MATH3531 Topology and Differential Geometry 6
MSCI0501 The Marine Environment 6
PHYS1110 Everyday Physics 6
PHYS1160 Introduction to Astronomy 6
PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Physics 6
PSYC1001 Psychology 1A 6
PSYC1011 Psychology 1B 6
PSYC1022 The Psychology of Addiction 6
PSYC1023 Abnormal Psychology 6
PSYC1024 Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and Stress 6
PSYC1025 Psychology of Work 6
PSYC1026 The Psychobiology of Sex, Love and Attraction 6
PSYC1027 Forensic Psychology: Crime, Courts and Corrections 6
PSYC1031 Psychological Science of Resilience 6
PSYC2101 Assessment, Personality & Psychopathology 6
SCIF0007 Science of Student Success 6
SCIF1004 Science and the Cinema 6
SCIF1006 Introduction to New Testament Greek 6
SCIF3900 Aviation and Sustainable Tourism 6
VISN1101 Seeing the World: Perspectives from Vision Science 6

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UNSW Business School Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ACCT1501 Accounting and Financial Management 1A 6
ACTL3142 Actuarial Data and Analysis 6
COMM1000 Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact 6
COMM1001 Communication in Business and Economics 6
ECON1101 Microeconomics 1 6
ECON1202 Quantitative Analysis for Business and Economics 6
FINS1613 Business Finance 6
GENC2100 Global Finance 6
GENC3004 Personal Finance 6
GENC5031 Tax for Professionals 6
GENC6003 Tourism: The Global Future 6
GENC6004 Introduction to Corporate Risk Management 6
GENC6005 Marketing in a Global Economy 6
GENC6007 Marketing in Today's Society 6
GENC7002 Getting Into Business 6
GENC7003 Managing Your Business 6
INFS1602 Information Systems in Business 6
MARK1012 Marketing Fundamentals 6
MARK2060 Event Management and Marketing 6
MGMT2725 Career Management 6
MGMT2726 Business Ethics and Sustainability 6

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UNSW Canberra at ADFA Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZBUS3207 Management and Governance in Developing Countries 6
ZGEN2215 Law, Force and Legitimacy 6
ZGEN2222 Introduction to Strategic Studies 6
ZGEN2240 Introduction to Military Ethics 6
ZGEN2801 Strategy, Management and Leadership 6

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