Courses by Subject Area

Courses by Subject Area
Subject Area
ACCT: Accounting
ACTL: Actuarial Studies
ADAD: Art and Design
AERO: Aerospace Engineering
ANAT: Anatomy
ARCH: Architecture
ARTS: Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Humanities
ATSI: Nura Gili (Indigenous Programs)
AVEN: Aviation
AVIA: Aviation
BABS: Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences
BEES: Biological, Earth & Environmental Science
BEIL: BE Interdisciplinary Learning
BENV: Built Environment
BINF: Bioinformatics
BIOC: Biochemistry
BIOM: Biomedical Engineering
BIOS: Biological Science
BIOT: Biotechnology
BLDG: Building
CEIC: Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry
CHEM: Chemistry
CHEN: Chemical Engineering
CLIM: Climate Science
CODE: Computational Design
COMM: Commerce
COMP: Computer Science
CRIM: Criminology
CVEN: Civil and Environmental Engineering
DIPP: Professional Practice
ECON: Economics
EDST: Education Studies
ELEC: Electrical Engineering
ENGG: Engineering interdisciplinary
ENVS: Environmental Studies
FINS: Finance
FOOD: Food Technology
GENC: UNSW Business School
GENE: General Education - Faculty of Engineering
GENL: General Education - Faculty of Law
GENM: General Education - Faculty of Medicine
GENS: General Education - Faculty of Science
GENT: General Education - Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
GENY: General Education - The Learning Centre
GEOL: Geology
GEOS: Geoscience
GMAT: Surveying & Spatial Information Systems
GSOE: Engineering
HESC: Health and Exercise Science
HUMS: Humanities
IDES: Industrial Design
IEST: Institute of Environmental Studies
INDC: Industrial Chemistry
INFS: Information Systems
INOV: Innovation
INST: International Studies
INTA: Interior Architecture
LAND: Landscape Architecture
MANF: Manufacturing Engineering
MARK: Marketing
MATH: Mathematics
MATS: Materials Science and Engineering
MDIA: Media
MECH: Mechanical Engineering
MFAC: Medicine
MGMT: Management
MICR: Microbiology
MINE: Mining Engineering
MMAN: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
MSCI: Marine Science
MTRN: Mechatronic Engineering
MUSC: Music
NANO: Nanotechnology
NAVL: Naval Architecture
NEUR: Neuroscience
OPTM: Optometry
PATH: Pathology
PHAR: Pharmacology
PHCM: Public Health and Community Medicine
PHSL: Physiology
PHTN: Photonics
PHYS: Physics
PLAN: Planning and Urban Development
POLY: Polymer Science
PSYC: Psychology
PTRL: Petroleum Engineering
REGZ: Registrar's Division
SAED: Art Education
SAHT: Art History
SCIF: Faculty of Science
SDES: Design Studies
SENG: Software Engineering
SERV: Services Marketing - Tourism and Hospitality
SOCW: Social Work
SOLA: Photovoltaics and Solar Energy
SOMA: Media Arts
SOMS: Medical Science
SRAP: Social Research and Policy
TABL: Taxation and Business Law
TELE: Telecommunications
VISN: Vision Science
ZBUS: Business
ZEIT: Information Technology & Electrical Engineering
ZGEN: University College General Education
ZHSS: Humanities & Social Sciences
ZINT: University College (Interdiscplinary)
ZPEM: Physical, Environmental & Mathematical Sciences

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