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Courses beginning with the letter A
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ACCT1501 Accounting and Financial Management 1A 6
ACCT1511 Accounting and Financial Management 1B 6
ACCT2101 Industry Placement 1 12
ACCT2507 Introduction to Accounting Research 6
ACCT2522 Management Accounting 1 6
ACCT2542 Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis 6
ACCT3202 Industry Placement 2 12
ACCT3303 Industry Placement 3 12
ACCT3563 Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis 6
ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2 6
ACCT3585 E-Business: Strategy and Processes 6
ACCT3601 Global Financial Reporting and Analysis 6
ACCT3610 Business Analysis and Valuation 6
ACCT3708 Auditing and Assurance Services 6
ACCT4794 Thesis (Accounting) 24
ACCT4809 Current Developments in Auditing Research 6
ACCT4851 Current Developments in Accounting Research - Financial 6
ACCT4852 Current Developments in Accounting Research - Managerial 6
ACCT4897 Seminar in Research Methodology 6
ACTL1101 Introduction to Actuarial Studies 6
ACTL2100 Industrial Training 1 (Co-op) 6
ACTL2101 Industrial Training Experience 1 (Co-op) 12
ACTL2102 Foundations of Actuarial Models 6
ACTL2111 Financial Mathematics for Actuaries 6
ACTL2131 Probability and Mathematical Statistics 6
ACTL3100 Industrial Training 2 (Co-op) 15
ACTL3141 Actuarial Models and Statistics 6
ACTL3142 Actuarial Data and Analysis 6
ACTL3151 Life Contingencies 6
ACTL3162 General Insurance Techniques 6
ACTL3182 Asset-Liability and Derivative Models 6
ACTL3191 Superannuation and Retirement Benefits 6
ACTL3192 Retirement Saving and Spending Over the Lifecycle 6
ACTL3202 Industrial Training Experience 2 (Co-op) 12
ACTL3303 Industrial Training Experience 3 (Co-op) 12
ACTL4000 Thesis (Actuarial Studies) 24
ACTL4001 Actuarial Theory and Practice A 6
ACTL4002 Actuarial Theory and Practice B 6
ACTL4003 Research Topics in Actuarial Studies 6
ACTL4100 Industrial Training 3 (Co-op) 15
ACTL4303 Asset-Liability Management 6
ADAD0201 Graphics and Contemporary Society 6
ADAD0202 Design, Interactivity and Emerging Media 6
ADAD0203 Collaboration and Visual Communication in Graphic Design 6
ADAD0205 Curating Art and Exhibitions 6
ADAD0207 Textiles: Tradition and Contemporary Technology 6
ADAD0208 Fashion 1980 - Now 6
ADAD0209 Cross-Cultural Sculpture 6
ADAD0210 Visual Identity in the Built Environment 6
ADAD0211 Print Advertising for a World Market 6
ADAD0212 Textiles for Interiors - Senses and Spaces 6
ADAD0214 Creative Thinking Processes 6
ADAD0215 Society Through the Lens 6
ADAD0218 Experiencing and Understanding Art 6
ADAD0220 Spatial Design: Retail, Exhibition and Hospitality 6
ADAD0221 Draw Your World 6
ADAD0222 Unravelling Urban Design 6
ADAD0223 Visualising the Past 6
ADAD0225 Creative Character Design 6
ADAD0226 Digital Animation using Flash 6
ADAD0228 Making Digital Holograms 6
ADAD1001 Studio Gateway 1 6
ADAD1002 Studio Gateway 2 6
ADAD1100 Communication in Art, Design and Media 6
ADAD2400 Interactive Tactical Systems 6
ADAD2402 Tangible and Embodied Interactions 6
ADAD2405 Creative Thinking Processes 6
ADAD2406 Creative Experimentation 6
ADAD3114 Research Foundations in Art and Design 6
ADAD3400 Interactive Installation 6
ADAD3402 Interactive Generative Visualisations 6
ADAD4000 Professional Experience Project A 6
ADAD4001 Professional Experience Project B 6
ADAD4010 Honours Research Project A 12
ADAD4011 Honours Research Project B 18
AERO3110 Aerospace Design 6
AERO3410 Aerospace Structures 6
AERO3630 Aerodynamics 6
AERO3660 Flight Performance and Propulsion 6
AERO4110 Aerospace Design Project A 6
AERO4120 Aerospace Design Project B 6
AERO4500 Spacecraft Engineering 6
AERO4620 Dynamics of Aerospace Vehicles, Systems and Avioni 6
AERO9500 Space Systems Architectures and Orbits 6
AERO9610 The Space Segment 6
ANAT1521 Anatomy for Medical Science 6
ANAT2111 Introductory Anatomy 6
ANAT2241 Histology: Basic and Systematic 6
ANAT2341 Embryology: Early and Systematic Development 6
ANAT2451 Functional Anatomy for Health and Exercise Science 6
ANAT2511 Fundamentals of Anatomy 6
ANAT2521 Evolution of Human Structure 6
ANAT3121 Visceral Anatomy 6
ANAT3131 Functional Anatomy of the Head, Neck and Back 6
ANAT3141 Functional Anatomy of the Limbs 6
ANAT3212 Microscopy in Research 6
ANAT3231 Cell Biology 6
ANAT3411 Neuroanatomy 6
ARCH0006 Special Program (Architecture) 6
ARCH1080 Introduction to Architecture and Enabling Skills 6
ARCH1101 Architectural Design Studio 1 6
ARCH1102 Architectural Design Studio 2 6
ARCH1121 Architectural History and Theory 1 6
ARCH1142 Architectural Communications 6
ARCH1161 Architectural Science and Building Environment 1 6
ARCH1162 Construction and Structures 1 6
ARCH1201 Architectural Design Studio 3 6
ARCH1202 Architectural Design Studio 4 6
ARCH1222 Architectural History and Theory 2 6
ARCH1261 Construction and Structures 2 6
ARCH1301 Architectural Design Studio 5 12
ARCH1302 Architectural Design Studio 6 12
ARCH1311 Architectural Design Studio 5 6
ARCH1322 Architectural History and Theory 3 6
ARCH1331 Architectural Fabrication 6
ARCH1361 Architectural Science & Building Environment 2 6
ARCH1390 Digital Representation Studio 6
ARCH1391 Digital Computation Studio 6
ARCH1392 Digital Collaboration Studio 6
ARCH1393 Graduation Project 12
ARCH1394 Honours Resarch Project 1 18
ARCH1395 Honours Research Project 2 18
ARCH1481 Critical Review of Literature 12
ARCH1482 Research Methods 6
ARCH1483 Honours Thesis 18
ARCH1495 Honours Research Thesis 1 18
ARCH1496 Honours Research Thesis 2 18
ARTS1010 The Life of Words 6
ARTS1030 Introduction to English: Literary Genres 6
ARTS1031 Reading Through Time: Literature from the Renaissance to Postmodernity 6
ARTS1032 The Literature Laboratory: Writing Beyond Limits 6
ARTS1060 Introduction to Film Studies 6
ARTS1062 Hollywood Film: Industry, Technology, Aesthetics 6
ARTS1090 Media, Culture and Everyday Life 6
ARTS1091 Media, Society, Politics 6
ARTS1120 Watching and Making Theatre 6
ARTS1121 Reading Performance 6
ARTS1190 Australian Legends: Introducing Australian Studies 6
ARTS1210 Concepts of Asia 6
ARTS1211 Australia's Asian Context 6
ARTS1240 Environment and Society 6
ARTS1241 Environmental Advocacy and Activism 6
ARTS1270 Global History 6
ARTS1271 The History Matrix: The Making of the Modern World 6
ARTS1360 Introducing Moral, Social & Political Philosophy 6
ARTS1361 Knowledge and Reality: Introduction to Philosophy 6
ARTS1450 Introductory Chinese A for Non-Background Students 6
ARTS1451 Introductory Chinese B for Non-Background Students 6
ARTS1452 Introductory Chinese for Background Speakers A 6
ARTS1453 Introductory Chinese for Background Speakers B 6
ARTS1480 Introductory French A 6
ARTS1481 Introductory French B 6
ARTS1510 Introductory German A 6
ARTS1511 Introductory German B 6
ARTS1540 Introductory Greek A 6
ARTS1541 Introductory Greek B 6
ARTS1570 Introductory Spanish A 6
ARTS1571 Introductory Spanish B 6
ARTS1620 Introductory Italian 1 6
ARTS1621 Introductory Italian 2 6
ARTS1630 Introductory Japanese A 6
ARTS1631 Introductory Japanese B 6
ARTS1660 Introductory Korean A 6
ARTS1661 Introductory Korean B 6
ARTS1690 The Structure of Language 6
ARTS1691 The Use of Language 6
ARTS1750 Introduction to Development Studies 6
ARTS1752 Development in a Global Context 6
ARTS1780 Concepts of Europe 6
ARTS1781 Europe and the Modern World 6
ARTS1810 Introduction to International Relations 6
ARTS1811 Contemporary Issues in International Relations 6
ARTS1840 Australian Politics: An Introduction 6
ARTS1844 Political Institutions, Principles, and Ideologies 6
ARTS1870 Rethinking the Social 6
ARTS1871 Researching Cultural Experience 6
ARTS1900 Gendered Worlds: Intro to Women's & Gender Studies 6
ARTS2005 Choreography and Theory 6
ARTS2006 Creative Practice Across Music and Dance 6
ARTS2007 Body Practices: Thinking through the Body 6
ARTS2008 Dance Technique 6
ARTS2009 Technical Production for Performance and Exhibition 6
ARTS2031 Australian Literature 6
ARTS2032 Creative Writing 6
ARTS2033 Poetry and Poetics 6
ARTS2034 Shakespearean Drama 6
ARTS2035 American Literature: Past and Present 6
ARTS2036 Modernism: Text and Screen 6
ARTS2037 Reading Women's Writing 6
ARTS2038 Popular Fictions: Novels and their Afterlives 6
ARTS2039 Irish Modernists: Yeats, Joyce, Beckett 6
ARTS2050 Academic Writing for the Humanities 6
ARTS2061 Contemporary Approaches to Cinema 6
ARTS2062 Australian Cinema 6
ARTS2063 National Cinemas 6
ARTS2064 A Case Study of Film Genre: Comedian Comedy 6
ARTS2065 Working with Image and Sound 6
ARTS2066 Writing for the Screen 6
ARTS2091 Mobile Cultures 6
ARTS2092 Global Media: Markets, Flows and Cultures 6
ARTS2093 Media Uses: Practices of Cultural Consumption 6
ARTS2094 Visual Communication 6
ARTS2095 Digital Technologies and the Self 6
ARTS2120 Writing for Theatre 6
ARTS2121 Critical Perspectives on Theatre and Performance 6
ARTS2122 Performance Production 1: Staging the Text 6
ARTS2123 Musicals, Dance and Popular Culture 6
ARTS2125 Acting and Performing on Stage 6
ARTS2126 Reviewing the Arts 6
ARTS2127 Great Plays 6
ARTS2128 Art, Activism, Publics 6
ARTS2150 Modern United States History 6
ARTS2210 Modern India: from British Raj to Bollywood 6
ARTS2211 East Asia 6
ARTS2212 Southeast Asia 6
ARTS2213 Asian Popular Culture 6
ARTS2216 Politics and Security in Contemporary Asia 6
ARTS2240 Environment, Sustainability and Development 6
ARTS2242 The Politics of Climate Change 6
ARTS2243 Waste and Society 6
ARTS2244 Rethinking Wildlife: Philosophy, Biodiversity, Extinction 6
ARTS2247 Indigenous People and the Environment 6
ARTS2248 Disasters and Society 6
ARTS2270 Australia 1788-1900: The Fatal Shore? 6
ARTS2271 Australia 1901-2008:From Federation to the Apology 6
ARTS2272 Europe in Turmoil: From Renaissance to Revolutions 6
ARTS2273 Towards war and revolution: 19th century Europe 6
ARTS2281 Ancient Egypt and Western Asia 6
ARTS2282 Rome 6
ARTS2283 Classical Greece 6
ARTS2285 The Holocaust: Origins, Implementation, Aftermath 6
ARTS2301 Computers, Brains and Minds 6
ARTS2303 On Drugs: Industry, Science and Medicine since 1900 6
ARTS2360 Truth and Belief 6
ARTS2361 Philosophy of Mind 6
ARTS2362 Freedom, Alienation and Modern Life 6
ARTS2363 Chinese Philosophy 6
ARTS2367 Aesthetics 6
ARTS2372 Philosophy and Social Critique 6
ARTS2374 Ways of Reasoning 6
ARTS2384 Political Philosophy: Utopia, Violence & Free Speech 6
ARTS2450 Intermediate Chinese for Non-Background Students A 6
ARTS2451 Intermediate Chinese for Non-Background Students B 6
ARTS2452 Chinese English Translation 6
ARTS2453 Chinese Cinema 6
ARTS2455 Gender in Contemporary China 6
ARTS2457 China Imagined and Perceived 6
ARTS2458 Along the Silk Road: Conquerors, Traders and Explorers 6
ARTS2461 Intermediate Chinese for Background Speakers A 6
ARTS2462 Intermediate Chinese for Background Speakers B 6
ARTS2463 Nationalism, Identity and Ethnicity in China 6
ARTS2480 Intermediate French A 6
ARTS2481 Intermediate French B 6
ARTS2484 The Lives of the Impressionists and Other Artists 6
ARTS2486 The French Speaking World 6
ARTS2510 Intermediate German A 6
ARTS2511 Intermediate German B 6
ARTS2542 Gods, Heroines and Heroes in Greek Myth 6
ARTS2570 Intermediate Spanish A 6
ARTS2571 Intermediate Spanish B 6
ARTS2630 Intermediate Japanese A 6
ARTS2631 Intermediate Japanese B 6
ARTS2660 Intermediate Korean A 6
ARTS2661 Intermediate Korean B 6
ARTS2663 Korea and Japan: Chinese Cultural Transmission 6
ARTS2690 Semantics and Pragmatics 6
ARTS2692 Syntax 6
ARTS2693 Psycholinguistics 6
ARTS2694 Phonology: Theory and Description 6
ARTS2696 Contemporary English Grammar 6
ARTS2698 Intercultural Interaction 6
ARTS2750 Modern Latin America: Dependency and Development 6
ARTS2751 International Development 6
ARTS2752 Local Politics of Development 6
ARTS2781 Postwar Europe: Politics, Societies, Cultures 6
ARTS2785 Europe between the Wars 6
ARTS2786 Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Modern Europe 6
ARTS2811 International Law: Power, Politics and Ideology 6
ARTS2812 The Politics of International Organisation 6
ARTS2813 International Security 6
ARTS2814 Theorising the International 6
ARTS2815 International Relations in Southeast Asia 6
ARTS2840 Politics of Human Rights in Australia 6
ARTS2845 Sex, Human Rights and Justice 6
ARTS2846 Multiculturalism in Law & Politics 6
ARTS2848 Language, Politics and Society 6
ARTS2850 Constitutions and Revolutions 6
ARTS2851 Democracy and Authoritarianism in the 21st century 6
ARTS2870 Global Citizens, Justice and Civil Society 6
ARTS2871 Power and Powerlessness 6
ARTS2872 Living and dying 6
ARTS2873 People and Place 6
ARTS2874 Culture and Emotion 6
ARTS2875 Society and Desire 6
ARTS2876 Understanding the Self 6
ARTS2877 Technologies, Culture, Society 6
ARTS2900 Global Feminisms: Competing Visions, Varying Histories 6
ARTS2904 Dressed to Kill: Dress and Identity in History 6
ARTS2906 History of Sexuality 6
ARTS2910 Philosophy and the Body 6
ARTS3011 Writing Bodies 6
ARTS3012 Choreography and the Moving Image: Dance and Film 6
ARTS3013 Performing Arts Internships 6
ARTS3021 Creative Writing Internship 6
ARTS3031 English Capstone: Literature and Contemporary World 6
ARTS3034 Advanced Creative Writing 6
ARTS3041 Literary Mobilities - Diasporic/Expatriate Writing 6
ARTS3047 Contemporary Critical and Cultural Theory 6
ARTS3048 Gothic Cultures: Literature and Screen 6
ARTS3049 Literary Animals, Monsters and Machines 6
ARTS3051 Fiction Writing 6
ARTS3052 English Internship 6
ARTS3053 Love Pray Kill in the English Renaissance 6
ARTS3060 Film in the Media Landscape 6
ARTS3061 Video Project 6
ARTS3062 Aspects of Film History: Cinematic Thinking 6
ARTS3063 Cinemas and Cultures 6
ARTS3064 Issues in Film Styles and Aesthetics 6
ARTS3065 Explorations in Contemporary Film Theory: Capstone 6
ARTS3066 Documentary And Non Fiction Cinemas 6
ARTS3067 Film Studies Internship 6
ARTS3090 MCT Capstone: Media Cultures 6
ARTS3091 Advanced Media Issues 6
ARTS3092 Media and Transformation in the Asia-Pacific 6
ARTS3093 Media Power 6
ARTS3095 BA Media Internship 6
ARTS3096 Media and Climate Change 6
ARTS3122 TPSD Capstone: Program and Repertoire 6
ARTS3123 Solo Performance Making 6
ARTS3124 Performance Production 2: Collaborative Making 6
ARTS3125 Multimedia Performance 6
ARTS3126 Investigating the Theatrical Past 6
ARTS3131 Playing Australia 6
ARTS3212 Powerful India 6
ARTS3216 Chinese Media Cultures 6
ARTS3217 History of Modern China: Contested Visions 6
ARTS3218 Japanese History: Modern Miracles and Mythologies 6
ARTS3220 Asian Cities: Studies in History, Culture and Trade 6
ARTS3240 Environment and Social Process: Environmental Studies Capstone 6
ARTS3241 Environmental Justice 6
ARTS3242 Environmental History 6
ARTS3245 Public Relations and the Environment 6
ARTS3270 Reflecting on Histories and Historians: Capstone 6
ARTS3279 Winners and Losers: Poverty and Welfare in Australia 6
ARTS3283 Ancient Dynasties 6
ARTS3287 Behind Closed Doors: a History of the Family in Europe 6
ARTS3288 The United States and the Middle East 6
ARTS3289 Documentary Film and History 6
ARTS3293 Empires and Colonies in Latin America 6
ARTS3295 Understanding Nazi Germany: Origins, structures, explanation 6
ARTS3330 Languages Capstone: Translation and Interpreting 6
ARTS3360 Philosophy Capstone: Examining Pivotal Texts 6
ARTS3366 Advanced Moral Theory 6
ARTS3367 Race and Gender 6
ARTS3368 Advanced Social and Political Philosophy 6
ARTS3373 Contemporary Epistemology 6
ARTS3450 Advanced Chinese A 6
ARTS3451 Advanced Chinese B 6
ARTS3452 Professional Chinese A 6
ARTS3453 Professional Chinese B 6
ARTS3454 Interpreting between Chinese and English 6
ARTS3455 Contemporary Chinese Literature 6
ARTS3456 Classical Chinese Literature 6
ARTS3458 Chinese Capstone: Re-Visioning China and Chinese 6
ARTS3480 Advanced French A 6
ARTS3481 Advanced French B 6
ARTS3482 Professional French A 6
ARTS3483 Professional French B 6
ARTS3487 Key French Texts 6
ARTS3488 French Discourse Studies 6
ARTS3510 Advanced German A 6
ARTS3511 Advanced German B 6
ARTS3570 Advanced Spanish A 6
ARTS3571 Advanced Spanish B 6
ARTS3630 Advanced Japanese A 6
ARTS3631 Advanced Japanese B 6
ARTS3632 Professional Japanese A 6
ARTS3633 Professional Japanese B 6
ARTS3636 Contextualising Japanese: Capstone 6
ARTS3639 Japan in Popular Culture 6
ARTS3640 Japan and Korea: Cultures in Conflict 6
ARTS3641 Commercial Japanese 6
ARTS3643 Advanced Writing in Japanese 6
ARTS3660 Advanced Korean A 6
ARTS3661 Advanced Korean B 6
ARTS3662 Korean Popular Culture and Language 6
ARTS3663 Professional Korean 6
ARTS3665 Korean Interpreting 6
ARTS3690 Language Universals and Linguistic Typology 6
ARTS3695 Language Ecology and Language Planning 6
ARTS3750 Development, Community and Environment 6
ARTS3751 Development Studies: Research, Practice and Ethics 6
ARTS3755 Advanced Development Studies 6
ARTS3756 Development in Asia 6
ARTS3780 Contemporary Germany: History, Politics, Society 6
ARTS3783 Great and Emerging Powers in Contemporary World Politics 6
ARTS3786 Confronting the Past in Contemporary Europe 6
ARTS3788 European Governance 6
ARTS3810 International Relations: Theory and Practice 6
ARTS3812 Theorising International Political Economy 6
ARTS3814 Australian Foreign Policy 6
ARTS3816 US, China and International Law 6
ARTS3817 The Middle East and International Law 6
ARTS3819 Emerging Challenges in International Security 6
ARTS3841 Politics Capstone: Art of Political Science 6
ARTS3843 Modern Political Thought 6
ARTS3845 Australian Politics: Advanced Debates 6
ARTS3846 Political Actors 6
ARTS3849 Peoples, States and Sovereignty 6
ARTS3870 Debates and Controversies in SOCA 6
ARTS3871 Forensic Sociology 6
ARTS3872 Media Publics 6
ARTS3874 Culture and Human Rights 6
ARTS3875 Researching Culture and Society 6
ARTS3883 Exploring the Life-Course in Asia 6
ARTS3885 Trauma and Violence 6
ARTS3886 Living Social Justice: Experience and Practice 6
ARTS3900 Gender and Queer Critiques: Rethinking History and Other Studies 6
ARTS3991 Arts and Social Sciences Capstone 6
ARTS4100 Research Methods and Thesis Writing 6
ARTS4201 Uses of Theory: Honours (Research) 12
ARTS4221 Humanities and Languages Honours I 6
ARTS4245 Humanities and Languages Honours II 6
ARTS4246 Humanities and Languages Honours III 6
ARTS4266 Social Sciences: Issues and Debates 6
ARTS4267 Social Sciences: Research and Analysis 12
ARTS4600 Dance Studies Honours 6
ARTS4601 Dance Studies Honours 12
ARTS4602 Dance Studies Honours 18
ARTS4603 Dance Studies Honours 24
ARTS4604 English Honours 6
ARTS4605 English Honours 12
ARTS4606 English Honours 18
ARTS4607 English Honours 24
ARTS4608 Film Studies Honours 6
ARTS4609 Film Studies Honours 12
ARTS4610 Film Studies Honours 18
ARTS4611 Film Studies Honours 24
ARTS4612 Media, Culture & Technology Honours 6
ARTS4613 Media, Culture & Technology Honours 12
ARTS4614 Media, Culture & Technology Honours 18
ARTS4615 Media, Culture & Technology Honours 24
ARTS4616 Theatre & Performance Studies Honours 6
ARTS4617 Theatre & Performance Studies Honours 12
ARTS4618 Theatre & Performance Studies Honours 18
ARTS4619 Theatre & Performance Studies Honours 24
ARTS4620 Creative Writing Honours 6
ARTS4621 Creative Writing Honours 12
ARTS4622 Creative Writing Honours 18
ARTS4623 Creative Writing Honours 24
ARTS4700 Environmental Humanities Honours 6
ARTS4701 Environmental Humanities Honours 12
ARTS4702 Environmental Humanities Honours 18
ARTS4703 Environmental Humanities Honours 24
ARTS4704 History Honours 6
ARTS4705 History Honours 12
ARTS4706 History Honours 18
ARTS4707 History Honours 24
ARTS4712 Philosophy Honours 6
ARTS4713 Philosophy Honours 12
ARTS4714 Philosophy Honours 18
ARTS4715 Philosophy Honours 24
ARTS4810 Asian Studies Honours 6
ARTS4811 Asian Studies Honours 12
ARTS4812 Asian Studies Honours 18
ARTS4813 Asian Studies Honours 24
ARTS4814 Chinese Studies Honours 6
ARTS4815 Chinese Studies Honours 12
ARTS4816 Chinese Studies Honours 18
ARTS4817 Chinese Studies Honours 24
ARTS4818 French Studies Honours 6
ARTS4819 French Studies Honours 12
ARTS4820 French Studies Honours 18
ARTS4821 French Studies Honours 24
ARTS4822 Spanish & Latin American Studies Honours 6
ARTS4823 Spanish & Latin American Studies Honours 12
ARTS4824 Spanish & Latin American Studies Honours 18
ARTS4825 Spanish & Latin American Studies Honours 24
ARTS4826 Japanese Studies Honours 6
ARTS4827 Japanese Studies Honours 12
ARTS4828 Japanese Studies Honours 18
ARTS4829 Japanese Studies Honours 24
ARTS4830 Korean Studies Honours 6
ARTS4831 Korean Studies Honours 12
ARTS4832 Korean Studies Honours 18
ARTS4833 Korean Studies Honours 24
ARTS4834 Linguistics Honours 6
ARTS4835 Linguistics Honours 12
ARTS4836 Linguistics Honours 18
ARTS4837 Linguistics Honours 24
ARTS4838 German Studies Honours 6
ARTS4839 German Studies Honours 12
ARTS4840 German Studies Honours 18
ARTS4841 German Studies Honours 24
ARTS4900 Development Studies Honours 6
ARTS4901 Development Studies Honours 12
ARTS4902 Development Studies Honours 18
ARTS4903 Development Studies Honours 24
ARTS4904 European Studies Honours 6
ARTS4905 European Studies Honours 12
ARTS4906 European Studies Honours 18
ARTS4907 European Studies Honours 24
ARTS4912 International Relations Honours 6
ARTS4913 International Relations Honours 12
ARTS4914 International Relations Honours 18
ARTS4915 International Relations Honours 24
ARTS4916 Politics Honours 6
ARTS4917 Politics Honours 12
ARTS4918 Politics Honours 18
ARTS4919 Politics Honours 24
ARTS4920 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 6
ARTS4921 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 12
ARTS4922 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 18
ARTS4923 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 24
ATSI0001 Enabling Skills 1 6
ATSI0002 Enabling Skills 2 6
ATSI1011 Indigenous Australia 6
ATSI1012 Aboriginal Sydney 6
ATSI2003 Indigenous Material Culture-Objects and Their Journey 6
ATSI2004 Popular Culture of Indigenous Australia 6
ATSI2011 Indigenous Australian Political History 6
ATSI2012 Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Politics 6
ATSI2014 Indigenous People and Policy 6
ATSI2015 The Science of Indigenous Knowledge 6
ATSI2016 Torres Strait: Past & Present 6
ATSI3001 Australian Indigenous Identity 6
ATSI3002 Indigenous Australia: Gendered Identities 6
ATSI3003 Indigenous Cultural Heritage and the Environment 6
ATSI3005 Race, Colonialism and Whiteness 6
ATSI3006 Astronomy of Indigenous Australians 6
ATSI3007 Human-Animal Interactions in Indigenous Domains 6
ATSI3008 Indigenous Studies Capstone 6
ATSI3017 Indigenous Histories and the Colonial World 6
ATSI4001 Thesis Workshop and Literature Review 6
ATSI4002 Indigenous Studies Research Design 12
ATSI4101 Indigenous Studies Honours I 6
ATSI4102 Indigenous Studies Honours II 24
ATSI4103 Indigenous Studies Honours III 12
ATSI4104 Indigenous Studies Honours IV 18
ATSI7001 Pre-Business Program (Indigenous) 12
ATSI7002 Pre-Law Program (Indigenous) 12
ATSI7003 Pre-Medicine Program (Indigenous) 12
ATSI7004 Pre-Social Work Program (Indigenous) 12
ATSI7006 Pre-Teacher Education (Secondary) (Indigenous) 12
AVEN1920 Introduction to Aircraft Engineering 6
AVEN2230 Aviation Technologies 6
AVEN3430 Aviation Maintenance Technologies and Operations 6
AVIA1321 Fundamentals of Aviation 6
AVIA1401 Introduction to Human Factors 6
AVIA1901 Aviation Transport Economics 6
AVIA1902 Airline Financial Analysis and Decision Support 6
AVIA2013 Flight Operations 1 18
AVIA2014 Flight Operations 2 24
AVIA2401 Aviation Law and Regulations 6
AVIA2501 Airline Marketing Strategies 6
AVIA2601 Aviation Operations Research 6
AVIA2701 Aviation Security and Airport Management 6
AVIA2801 Regional and General Aviation 6
AVIA2910 Air Transport: Economics and the Environment 6
AVIA2950 Current Affairs in Aviation 6
AVIA3013 Workplace Safety 6
AVIA3014 Flight Operations 3 24
AVIA3101 Airline Management 6
AVIA3201 Airline Resource Management 6
AVIA3301 Simulation Application and Air Traffic Manangement 6
AVIA3401 Aviation Safety and Resource Management 6
AVIA3410 Advanced Law and Regulation in Aviation 6
AVIA3710 Aviation Research Methods 6
AVIA3851 Airport Management 2 6
AVIA3900 Aviation and Sustainable Tourism 6
AVIA4001 Aviation Honours - Full Time 24
AVIA4002 Aviation Honours - Part Time 12

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