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The specialisation in Arts and Social Sciences (A&SS) allows you to develop a 24 unit of credit sequence of study to meet your individual professional, disciplinary or interdisciplinary development. You must put forward a case for doing a UNSW Arts and Social Sciences minor stream that will enhance your BA program. The content of the minor stream must be approved by the BA Convenor and must provide a coherent program of study. Courses are drawn from the BA Program. For example, a student doing Film Studies may want to focus on ethics in Australian film so may select courses from Australian Studies and Philosophy.

Please refer to below table for all relevant programs and plans.

Arts and Social Sciences can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name Stream Type Stream
3403 Arts Minor ARTSA23403
3409 Arts Minor ARTSB23409
3429 Media (Comms & Journalism) Minor ARTSB23429
3434 Media (PR and Advertising) Minor ARTSB23434
3437 Arts and Business Minor ARTSA23437
3438 Media (Screen & Sound Prod) Minor ARTSB23438
3444 Arts and Business Minor ARTSB23444
3452 Music / Arts Minor ARTSB23452
3456 Music / Arts Minor ARTSA23456
3469 Music (Honours) / Arts Minor ARTSA23469
3474 Music (Honours) / Arts Minor ARTSB23474
3573 Commerce / Arts Minor ARTSB23573
3574 Economics / Arts Minor ARTSB23574
3763 Engineering (Honours) / Arts Minor ARTSA23763
3855 Medicine / Arts Minor ARTSA23855
3856 Medicine / Arts Minor ARTSB23856
3947 Science / Arts Minor ARTSB23947
3948 Adv Science (Honours) / Arts Minor ARTSB23948
3949 Adv Mathematics (Honours)/Arts Minor ARTSB23949
3955 Environmental Management/Arts Minor ARTSB23955
3961 Engineering (Honours) / Arts Minor ARTSB23961
3963 Computer Science / Arts Minor ARTSB23963
3968 Computer Science / Arts Minor ARTSA23968
4043 Social Work (Honours) / Arts Minor ARTSA24043
4045 Social Work (Honours) / Arts Minor ARTSB24045
4760 Arts / Law Minor ARTSA24760
4773 Arts & Business / Law Minor ARTSA24773
4782 Arts / Law Minor ARTSB24782
4783 Arts and Business / Law Minor ARTSB24783
4806 Art Theory/Arts Minor ARTSA24806
4812 Fine Arts/Arts Minor ARTSA24812
4817 Art Theory / Arts Minor ARTSB24817
4820 Fine Arts / Arts Minor ARTSB24820

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