Mathematics and Statistics - AMATA14410

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Faculty: UNICL - UNSW Canberra at ADFA

School: School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences @ UNSW Canberra at ADFA

Contact: PEMS

Program: 4410 - Science


Bachelor of Science (Major)

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Stream Outline

Mathematics teaches us how to define a problem with precision, how to break it up into a series of clearly defined steps and analyse it logically and how to assess the answer and its implications. These are universal skills which are applicable to virtually any task and are of value to anyone who has to face complex problems and make decisions. Hence mathematics is crucial in one’s professional life, including the ADF.

Science, Engineering and Technology are based on mathematical thinking and use the language of mathematics. The Humanities, the Natural Sciences and the business world draw on the power of mathematics and statistics to predict, plan and understand natural and human affairs. As society becomes increasingly dependent on technology, mathematics is becoming more of an essential tool in our lives.

Stream Structure

The Level I courses build on high-school mathematics to give a broad introduction to the basic language and techniques of mathematics. Students who wish to Major in other areas of Science are encouraged to take both Level I Mathematics courses, or at least the Level I Mathematics course ZPEM1301 Mathematics 1A. The course ZPEM1302 Mathematics 1B is a prerequisite for Level II and Level III Mathematics courses.

Level II and III courses delve into mathematical methods in greater depth and examine a variety of applications. Several of the courses taught are related, in some way, to the research that is currently undertaken by staff members. Students are shown, first hand, the crucial role that mathematics and statistics play in various areas of Science, Engineering and Technology.

A Major sequence in Mathematics and Statistics comprises the following Level I courses:
plus the following Level II courses:
plus the following Level III courses:

Double-Major Combinations

For double-major combinations with Mathematics and Statistics, please refer to the Recommended Double-major combinations listed within this site.

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