Environmental Management


Position yourself for future growth in environmental management and policy with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management from UNSW.

The world is changing. Sustainability and environmental management have become crucial issues, presenting significant opportunities and challenges for business, government and society. As organisations across the world redefine their environmental commitments, there is a strong demand for skilled professionals who can offer solutions to complex environmental issues.

Whether you are an environmental professional, hope to become one or simply wish to expand your knowledge of environmental issues, UNSW have an Environmental Management postgraduate program to meet your needs. We offer flexible delivery including online courses and evening classes for those who work during the day.


Our postgraduate programs in Environmental Management examine the complex relationship between humans and the environment; giving you the tools to understand and address environmental issues.

As an Environmental Management postgraduate student, you will be able to custom-design your degree to suit your specific needs and future career path. You can choose from a diverse selection of courses from the Social Sciences, Humanities and Science, as well as a broad range of electives from across UNSW.

Environmental Management can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Environmental Management A Specialisation ENVPXS8623
Environmental Management B Specialisation ENVPYS8623
Environmental Management C Specialisation ENVPZS8623

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