Product Analytics - MARK5826

Faculty: UNSW Business School

School: School of Marketing

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Campus: Sydney

Career: Postgraduate

Units of Credit: 6

EFTSL: 0.12500 (more info)

Indicative Contact Hours per Week: 3

Enrolment Requirements:

Completed MARK5700 and one data analytics (COMM5005 or COMM5011 or ECON5248)

CSS Contribution Charge: 3 (more info)

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Today’s data-rich environment and advances in big data analytics have enabled product idea generation from the crowd, innovative “data”-based products or services to be developed, and effective marketing of new product ideas on crowdfunding platforms. For example,

(1) firms can now identify consumer needs and complaints by monitoring social media conversations, mobile app activities, or the human body.

(2) Big data analytics are used to analyse video advertising to determine effective content strategies for fundraising on crowdfunding platforms.

(3) Data products (e.g. Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’) and services (e.g. product recommendation) have the potential to disrupt industries – now, “data” itself may form part of the “core material” of products or services.

Marketing, Product and Brand Managers, Entrepreneurs, Data Scientist and Engineer and Business Analyst in the future must incorporate big data analytics in a product development framework. However, industry has difficulty in finding ideal workers who know both marketing and data analytics because most students have been trained for only machine learning algorithm or for only business implication.

This course integrates the principles of product development with big data analytics, from new product idea generation to product launch, for both large firms and start-ups. Course will cover the following topics:
• New product idea generation using natural language processing, sentiment analysis, or topic modelling to analyse social media, product reviews or media on crowdfunding platforms
• Picture/video content and emotion analysis for selling new product ideas on crowdfunding platforms
• Data product or service development such as recommendation algorithms and IoT (Internet-of-Things)
• Product attribute optimization for products with many attributes using efficient survey design and variable selection regression, tree or deep neural networks.

Students will exercise hands-on data analytics using Python, and then tackle socially, culturally, environmentally, or commercially important real-world problems by developing new data product or services. No prior knowledge of Python is needed because this course will go through Python step-by-step. During the first few weeks, students will have much opportunity to exercise Python programming with a variety of support of online resource, TA, and group members. However, students are encouraged to acquire introductory knowledge of Python before commencing the course. Some examples of introductory Python courses available for free online include:
(1) Introduction to Scripting in Python Specialization
(2) Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
(3) Learning Python

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