Casing Design & Cementing - PTRL6027

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School: School of Petroleum Engineering

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Campus: Sydney

Career: Postgraduate

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Prerequisite: enrolment in Petroleum Open Learning program

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Casing Design - API properties of casing and casing couplings. Performance properties of casing under load conditions - Tension, burst pressure, collapse pressure,biaxial loading and buckling. Principles of casing design for vertical, deviated and horizontal wells - Setting depth design procedures, casing string sizes,and selection of casing weight, grade & couplings. Preparation of casing programs for different well types. Optimisation of casing program.
Cementing - Basics of cement - Manufacture, composition and standardisation. Measuring and controlling cement properties. Cement additives. Slurry design - Wellbore temperatures, retardation, density, filtration control, strength stability, viscosity/suspension, gas migration theory and control, cement job simulation, 'wait-on-cement' time. Cementing calculations - Primary cementing, plug balancing, and squeeze cementing. Rheology and types of flow - Rheological models, types of flow, and flow in pipes & annuli. Mechanism of mud removal by cement - Well preparation, mud conditioning, running casing, mud displacement. Cementing equipment. Planning, conducting and monitoring primary and secondary cementing jobs. Post-job considerations and evaluation. secondary cementing jobs. Post-job considerations and evaluation.
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