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Non-Award Enrolment

What is a Non-Award Enrolment

Non-award enrolment refers to all enrolments in courses or a sequence of courses which do not lead to or count towards a formal award (e.g. degree or diploma) of UNSW Australia

Non-award enrolments fall into two categories, voluntary and cross-institutional.

  • A voluntary course enrolment is where the student enrols in a course either out of interest, or to develop professional competence in an area of specialisation. Students enrolled for award programs sometimes simultaneously enrol voluntarily in courses additional to their award requirements. Students should note that they are liable to pay Student Services and Amenities Fees each semester at the published rate.
  • A cross-institutional enrolment is where the student enrols in a course at UNSW for credit towards an award at another Australian tertiary institution in which the student is concurrently enrolled. Before an application for cross-institutional enrolment can be approved, the student must submit both the home institution's written confirmation that the course applied for will be credited towards award requirements and a certified copy of the student's complete academic transcript. Undergraduate cross-institutional enrolments will incur Student Contribution liability for the courses taken at UNSW in addition to the liability at the student's home institution. Students enrolled as local fee paying students at their home institution will also be charged tuition fees at UNSW. Postgraduate students undertaking courses from programs, whether cross-institutional or non-award, may be liable for tuition fees even though they may be liable for Student Contributions at their home institution. Postgraduate cross-institutional students may apply for FEE-HELP if eligible. International students are permitted to enrol on a cross-institutional basis, and are charged tuition fees for their courses.

What are the Rules and Guidelines Governing Non-Award Enrolment?

The following principles and rules govern the acceptance and enrolment by the University of non-award students, and of students enrolled in award programs in courses which are additional to their award requirements.

  • Non award enrolment in a course, taken either Voluntarily or Cross Institutionally, may be permitted provided that the student has appropriate educational qualifications, satisfies the University's English language proficiency requirement and any pre and/or co requisites the course may have and in each case the Program Authority considers that the student will benefit from the enrolment.
  • The enrolment of a student on a voluntary or cross-institutional basis must be on the provision that sufficient places are available in the course and that the enrolment does not prevent a place in the course being available to a student in a UNSW award program.
  • In general, a non award student will not be permitted to enrol in more than 24 units of credit in any one academic year.
  • As a general rule the University prohibits non-award enrolment in first year undergraduate courses.
  • A student who is under exclusion from any university may not enrol in a course on a non-award voluntary basis.
  • Applications for non award cross institutional study must be accompanied by documented approval that the UNSW courses will be accepted for credit to the student's award program at their home institution.
  • A student who is subsequently admitted to an award program at the University, for which the courses completed as a non-award student form a part, may apply for credit for those courses.

What Fees Will Apply?

Tuition fees are charged according to the classification of the course. For further fee information, please refer to:

How Do I Apply?

Application to enrol as a non-award student must be made on the Non-Award Enrolment application form available on the UNSW website Permission to enrol as a non-award student is conditional on the permission of the Head of School or nominee and authorisation from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Students) and Registrar. Applicants should follow the instructions provided with the application form.

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