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T he UNSW Online Handbook is a "one-stop shop" for prospective and current students seeking information about studying at UNSW. It contains detailed information about all the programs (degrees), plans (disciplinary streams) and courses (subjects) offered at the University.

The Handbook offers the latest information on approved programs and courses and provides extensive details of program content, rules and structure, credit point requirements and course information. Previous editions of the Handbook are also available online.

There are various methods of searching for program and course information available. Prospective students may browse the Handbook by fields such as "area of interest" or "occupation", and by the "Table of Contents" to the left of the screen. Current students may also use the "Quick Find" search to rapidly locate information relating to their current program or courses of interest.
If you are uncertain of any terminology relating to studying at UNSW, please refer to our Glossary.  

Further Information
Information regarding UNSW application procedures and admission requirements is available for local students and international students.
Students interested in applying to study at UNSW@ADFA (the Australian Defence Force Academy) should refer to the UNSW@ADFA website.

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Are you interested in...?
 Undergraduate Study
(for students who have completed secondary education - or approved equivalent - and are enrolling in their first university program in an area of study)
 Postgraduate Coursework Study
(for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree program and are interested in further study in a coursework mode)
 Postgraduate Research Study
(for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree program and are interested in further study in a research mode)
 Non-Award Study
(study which does not lead to the award of a formal degree, diploma or certificate)
© The University of New South Wales, 2004-2006. The information contained in this Handbook is indicative only. While every effort is made to keep this information up-to-date, the University reserves the right to discontinue or vary arrangements, programs and courses at any time without notice and at its discretion. While the University will try to avoid or minimise any inconvenience, changes may also be made to programs, courses and staff after enrolment. The University may also set limits on the number of students in a course.